Photo Gallery of family and friends

Ok, here is the long-promised photo gallery of my family, friends, and aquaintances.

The purpose of this page is to act as "fly-paper" to attract anyone who I have known in the past or present. If you landed here, I probably would like to hear from you.

The "fly-paper trick"

If you haven't heard of the "fly-paper trick" it goes roughly like this:

If you are interested in hearing from someone, but you don't know where they are (or you are just too shy to call them up), just post a page on the Internet containing topic(s) that would interest ONLY them. Sooner or later, they will use a search engine to look for pages on that topic, and "bingo!" your page with the message for them will be listed. Out of curiosity, they click on the reference and ta-daaa! they've been attracted to your site like a fly to fly-paper. Cool theory, eh?

In this case, I have included everyone's names in the keywords and description metatags of this page. If you have gone for searching for your name (everyone does, sooner or later), a reference to this page should have popped up. So why don't you go ahead and send me an e-mail, YOU EGOIST! :-)

A note to everyone who knows about this page already:
Please don't be upset if you don't see yourself here immediately: I'm just starting and I thought it would be better to show the work as it is in progress. After all, this is a web page, not a coffee-table book. If you are curious, I am adding in order of what is most convienient first. That means the photos that I and Christiane have already classified come first and the unsorted stuff, about one year's-worth (mostly photos from the Australian trek), will be later. I have no intention of scanning and posting everything, just the best.

A note to all of my French-speaking friends:
You'll have to wait for a LONG TIME before I translate this page to French, unless Ch. does it for me. Besides, I know that you all understand English, even if you are too lazy to use it in my presence.

A note for those who might be concerned:
Don't worry. I promise that I won't post any embarrassing photos, even if they ARE the most interesting. :-)

Here is my list of flies (in no particular order):

Aldo Wittmer, Alessandro Fabbri, Alexander Suter, Alison Taylor, Anders Rossen, Andrew McConnell, Archana Sharma, Barbara Tinguely, Beatrice Lorin, Brian King, Brigitte Corbaz, Carole Mury, Cedric Corbaz, Chris Wright, Christian Mury, Christiane Bremer Rossen, Christiane Montavon, Christine Juillerat, Christoph Frei, Christos Alexandrou, Claude Ballaman, Colin Denniston, Corinne Schaller Gruaz, Dhavide Aruliah, Didier Berdoz, Dirk Flachbar, Dmitry Shuev, Eric Fuller, Erik Rossen, Gerassimos Sarlos, Gilbert Robert, Greg Trayling, Henry Lee, Jacques-Andre Hertig, Jeff Dahn, Joanne MacLeod, Johann Beda, Judith Rossen, Karin Egli, Kathy Tragaris, Katrin Bremer, Laurence Mury, Line Olivier, Mahin Bahrami, Margrit Bremer, Marie-Claire Gross Berdoz, Mark Rossen, Maryrose Rossat Jakob, Mitchell Turner, Olivier Larpin, Paige Raymond, Pascal Bonvin, Pascal Goulpie, Patricia Wrean, Patrick Jakob, Patrick Liew, Patrick Schaller, Paul Wiegert, Peter Cardle, Pierre Lorin, Pierre-Olivier Semon, Ricardo Perez-Suarez, Robert Laxdal, Roger Kemp, Sandra Giardello, Sacha Zikic, Sean McAlister, Serge Juillerat, Shane Johnson, Sherri Towers, Solange Schmidely, Steve Marshall, Tania Tawadros, Tim Vuorella, Uwe Andrew Rossen, Valerie Kehlstadt,


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