Photo Gallery of family

Erik Rossen

Erik with his feet on the table

Wouldn't you know it? I just HAD to put myself first. Natural, since I am the biggest egoist that I know. :-) This is a photo of me back in the old days when I was a student/monk. Is there anyone who took Physics at SFU between 1987 and 1991 who remembers that I ALWAYS had my feet up on the table in the Physics common room? Yeah? Well, I didn't do that just because I am rude; in fact it was a long-term experiment to measure the effects of slack posture on the psychology of white-collar workers. Result: I am 13% cooler than the average white-collar worker who sits with his feet on the floor. No B.S.

Christiane Bremer Rossen

Christiane behind the empty beer cans

My wife, center of my universe, reason for living, and the person on the other side of the bed. That's Bremer Rossen WITHOUT a hyphen! She's cute, isn't she? And she drank all that beer without any help from me or my brother. What a woman! Who wouldn't marry her?

Mark Rossen

Mark opening his beer-making kit

My little brother. Gorgeous, isn't he, ladies? The wierd thing is that he has a brain in his head, too. He wrote a 1k assembler for the ZX81 and a BBS program for the Atari 600XL IN ASSEMBLER. Fastest goddamn thing you ever saw. He builds luxury houses for a living, now.

Anders Rossen

Anders doing his best to look serious

My cousin Anders is feeling much better since he started taking Extra-Strength Prozac.

Carole, Christian, and Zoe Mury

Christiane's sister Carole and her husband Christian (notice the missing "e") with their daughter Zoe (now 1-year-old). Zoe is, without doubt, the star of the family and will likely become a "prima donna" in a year unless the adults around her (not just her parents) become less indulgent. Did Ayn Rand write any books about parenting?


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