Photo Gallery of friends

Peter Cardle (far right)

Actually, it is a mistake to characterise Pete as far right: he is much more left of center. I often miss the arguments that we had where he could almost convince me that redistribution of riches is sometimes necessary, that politicians really mean well and we should continue with democracy (even if the people vote for bread and circuses), and that Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. Hey, Pete, do you remember that discussion we had on the bus about allowing bladed weapons and steroids on the ice during hockey games? I STILL think that it is a cool idea.

The SFU Physics class of 1991

SFU Physics class of 1991

No, I was't the tallest (not even close); I'm just standing closest to the camera. Until 2005-02-19, at least half of the persons had an X in their names. But thanks to the effort of Johann, I can put names to just about everyone's face. From left to right, we are:

  1. Erik Rossen, or
  2. Steve Marshall,
  3. Tim Vuorella,
  4. Chris Wright,
  5. Eric Fuller,
  6. Dhavide Aruliah, or
  7. Paul Wiegert,
  8. Roger Kemp,
  9. Patrick Liew,
  10. Sherri Towers,
  11. James X,
  12. Michael X,
  13. Sacha Zikic,
  14. Johann Beda,
  15. Andrew McConnell,
  16. Colin Denniston,
  17. Shane Johnson,
  18. and Greg Trayling,

Missing are:

  1. Alison Taylor,
  2. Darlene X,
  3. Mahin Bahrami,
  4. Henry Lee,
  5. Patricia Wrean, or
  6. Brian King,
  7. and probably some others.

Victor Finberg is probably still there, going for the record in the world's longest doctoral program. Go, man, GO! If you see yourself and want to fill in the X or provide a URL, sent me a note. In the interest of avoiding spam, I will not publish email addresses. If you want people to email, publish your email address yourself on your website.

Mahin Bahrami

Mahin Bahrami in 2008

After 16 years of no news, I was surprised to finally get an email from Mahin. Apparently her friends came across the photo that used to be in this space and she asked me to change it since it was a bit unflattering. So here is a new (and better) photo.

Mahin lives in Dubai nowadays and occasionally writes articles concerning life in the region. My favorite thus far is Mojgan's dilemma but United States of Klingons runs a very close second. Imagining Mahin telling a US border guard that she writes about paranoia makes me giggle.

Some of the ladies in Greece

Kathy, July 2004 The ladies about to go out

May I introduce (from left to right) Kathy Tragaris, Archana Sharma, and Joanne MacLeod? These three lovely ladies (along with Paige Raymond, not shown) shared a villa with me on Corfu for one week during which time I was reduced to a nervous wreck. Guys - have you ever really considered how four women might act if they are in superior numbers? I visited Kathy in Australia February 1998 with Christiane, but Kathy and I haven't heard anything from the other three for a long time. Ladies?

Cedric Corbaz and Tania Tawadros

After complaining endlessly about how difficult it is to find the right guy, Christiane set Tania up with cousin Cedric. Do you see the smile on Tania's face? She KNOWS that she is going to trap the right one this time. Do you see the smile on his face? He THINKS that he is free to choose his destiny. Isn't life ironic? That is why WE are smiling.

Pascal Bonvin

Who says banking and law have to be boring? Pascal "the Party-Animal" Bonvin knows how to use a good "pot-de-vin" to make friends at any occasion!

(FINEPRINT: This personage is entirely fictitious. Any resemblence to any person living or dead is entirely coincidental and I will run away to the farthest corners of the earth if someone tries to prove otherwise in a court of law. "the Party-Animal" is a registered trademark of Pascal Bonvin S.A.)

Valerie Kehlstadt

Cigarettes, wine, and peanuts are only a few of the common tools used by Valerie in her job as a human-relations engineer. Sometimes it is difficult for her to leave her work at the office. It's a dirty job, but someone has to burn all those cigarettes (otherwise my Christiane will "borrow" them).

Karin Egli and Pierre-Olivier Semon

The most perfectly-matched couple in Switzerland, but they are too modest to admit it. Staying ten years together without the super-glue of children or marriage is certainly a sign of love or incredible stamina. In either case, we salute you! (ed.2010: And now they have kids.)

Maryrose Rossat Jakob and Patrick Jakob (and Corentin, soon to appear in these pages)

A story of the hunter becoming the hunted. After tracking and capturing the not-so elusive Patrick, Maryrose was endlessly pestered for her hand in marriage, in spite of her desire to have a career. Result = 1 marriage + 1 baby + 2 happy parents - 1 career.

Didier Berdoz and Marie-Claire Gross Berdoz

Yet another couple created by our (this time) unconscious meddling. Didier and Marie met at the going-away party that Christiane threw when she went to live with me in Canada. After weeks of torrid answering machine messages they got together and the rest is history. In spite of everyone's advice (and the example of our mistake), Marie has decided to keep her old last name and add the name of her new husband. I guess that a lot of people deeply identify themselves with their names, but honestly, does she look like a "Gross Berdoz"?

The Carrera/Corbaz family

I COULD tell you what Pascal Carrera and Brigitte Corbaz (Cedric's sister and cousin of Christiane) do for a living, but I would have to kill you afterwards since it is TOP SECRET. Their son Romain and daughter Lena have been trained how to keep quiet and how to use blunt objects to keep others quiet. This is one family that you DO NOT want to mess with.

The Daltons

If you have ever been to Europe, you know how crazy the Europeans are about comic strips. My friends are no exception and to prove it, they abandoned every last shred of dignity to disguise themselves as "the Daltons" from the comic strip "Lucky Luke" at Patrick's 30-year birthday party. Fortunately the theme was "western" and not "ballet". Don't they look dangerous? I want to know how they got out of their straight-jackets.


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