This is our baby.

Don't you just hate those parents with nothing better to do than to spawn and then spend the rest of their miserable lives showing off baby pictures to every unfortunate family member, friend, or total stranger that crosses their path?

Not me - I'm one of them.

I'm getting started even before Junior is born. (Cool name, huh? We thought it up ourselves.) Thanks to the modern miracle of ultra-sonic scanning, it is now possible to see a cross-section of one's child before it has even soiled it's first diaper. Now that is what I call progress.

On with the show...

Click on the thumbnail images to get a larger view. The larger views are JPEGs more than 100KB in size, but hey, it's worth it.

Junior at 9 weeks, 1999-07-22

Junior at 9 weeks

Having spent around Sfr400.- in diagnostic services, the doctor has reached the same conclusion that we made with our Sfr14.- drugstore pregnancy test - Christiane is pregnant. And here is the photographic proof.

In this image Junior is 53mm long (the small cross on the left marks the tip of the head and the cross on the right is the bottom of the spinal column). The Sfr100,000 ultra-sonic diagnostic machine uses this information to estimate that Junior is 9 weeks old, plus or minus 5 days and will be born around February 17th, 1900, if we trust the machine.

This also means that Ch. was pregnant during the entire time of our bicycle trip across Denmark and J. has already visited 3 countries. I was 23 before I had visited 3 countries.

Junior at 15 weeks, 1999-09-02

Junior at 15 weeks, head measurement Junior at 15 weeks, height measurement Junior at 15 weeks, sucking its thumb - a sign of greatness Junior at 15 weeks, femur measurement

Everything seems to be progressing normally - a banal pregnancy.

Head diameter 31mm, height 96mm, femur length 20mm.

The surface of Ch.'s belly is at the top edge of each image. It is somewhat difficult to discern J.'s features since all that one sees is a cross-section, but when the probe is dragged, one can build up a mental 3D image of all of the sections. Maybe I'll post the video sometime (yes, we are even doing a video).

Even at 9 weeks one can see the heart beating. The doctor used a special Doppler-shift microphone to amplify the sound of J.'s blood flow, which is just about impossible to hear otherwise.

The doctors have another cute trick - they prod the baby with the probe and manage to get it to move, often provoking a "hand-wave". I imagine that this treatment will create an entire generation of kids who are extra annoyed when disturbed from sleep.

It's a girl!

graph of June's weightOK, I won't keep you in suspense any longer (I'll put up the other scans another time). June Rossen was born February 25th, 2000 at 15:47 in the Hôpital de Zone in Morges. She was born healthy, but with a low birthweight (2.590kg) which meant that she had to be kept under observation for several days. She is doing fine now.

Why "June"? There were a number of reasons:

What does she look like? Pretty cute, I think, but maybe I'm not objective enough. Judge for yourself...

Ch interrogating J J drinking to forget J forgetting why she drinks J in the bath J and Ch J and Margrit (grandma) J enjoying the sun J and Katrin (aunt) J falling asleep J, K and Alessandro (uncle) J and Yannick J looking at Yannick with suspicion J playing with a mobile in her carriage J and Valérie J astonished by V J charms Enrico J listens to E's proposal J and Pascal (godfather) J and Marie-Claire J and another Valérie J and Carole (aunt) and Zoe (cousin) J and Didier J and Lukas (Ch.'s boss) J and Tania J's parents in discussion J and Aldo at A's wedding J and Olivier J with Chantal J and Yui (Aldo's wife) J burps in P's arms J and Karin (godmother) J and Valentine and Anais J gives her opinion about Chez Rochat J on her lambskin throne J borrowing our bed J and Ch hard at work take this baby E telling a gag to J J eats solid for the first time J and Ariane (great aunt) J and Cédric (uncle) J, Manon, and Valérie J counting her toes J, Ch, Corinne, and Rachel J recounting her toes J in her new crib J sits up J eats solid (again) J improving her sleeping technique J playing with the Arch J repairing the Arch J checking her hair in the mirror J riding E J close-up while riding J mastering E J teaching Uwe (grand-father) to walk J stands up by herself J rearranging the furniture J eating cereal (under protest) J and U J and U close-up U giving J walking lessons J checking the oven to see if it is done yet Look, Ma! No hands! J chair-walking

Who is everybody?

I have started playing around with Graphviz and as a first exercise, I decided to create a graph (called a "dot-file") of June's immediate family. To create the image file, do dot -Tpng > family.png

the immediate family tree of June


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