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The MVS to Unix migration HOWTO

Erik Rossen <>

v1.0, February 2, 2001
This article is a description of the steps needed to migrate JCL job scripts and SAS programs and databases from an IBM mainframe MVS system to a Unix system (a Sparc Ultra Enterprise 450 running Solaris 7). Although some of the information is very specific to the work that I did for the STAT group at the ILO from November 1 to 19, 1999, the principles should be applicable to anyone who is contemplating a similar migration.

1. Introduction

2. Resources

3. An overview of the migration project

4. The problems of migration

5. JCL to Perl (or other Unix scripting languages)

6. Printing

7. File transfer

8. PKZIP and unzip(1)

9. How to migrate text files

10. How to migrate JCL scripts

11. How to migrate SAS programs

12. How to migrate SAS datasets

13. How to migrate CLISTs

14. List of scripts written for STAT

15. The new STAT file organisation

16. General Recommendations

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