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GULL - Groupe des Usagers de LINUX du Léman
Homepage du GULL. Nous sommes le groupe des utilisateurs de Linux composé de gens de Genève, Lausanne, Vaud et Valais. We are a Linux users group composed of people from Geneva, Lausanne, Vaud and Valais. News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters.
[fm] welcome to
freshmeat maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform open source software. Thousands of applications are meticulously cataloged in the freshmeat database, and links to new code are added daily.
AltaVista Advanced Web Query
text-only page
DejaFilter Version 0.07
Acronym and abbreviation list
ProLibre - Spécialiste des solutions libres
ProLibre est une société établie à Genève (Suisse), spécialisée dans l'installation, la configuration, le support, et le devéloppement d'applications informatiques basées sur les logiciels libres dont GNU/Linux est une exemple.
Erik Rossen's Homepage - Europe
My European homepage mirror
Erik Rossen's Homepage - North America
My North American homepage mirror



Article about Doug Woods, big dish maker
Home Power Magazine, the hands-on journal of home-made power.
They have a free version of their paper magazine online. Very good
Home Power's RE Sites
A hell of a lot of renewable energy links
Large Index of POWER, HEATING AND LIGHTING related internet resources created by Nerd World Media. List your resource or Create your own Index.
S-LEM - Swiss light electromobiles
Sellers of the Twicke electric automobile, popular in Bern
Solar Energy Economics
Builder of 40 foot concentrator dishes for $20,000
Solar Metalurgy
A small collection of pages concerning melting metal with concentrated sunlight
Welcome to Jade Mountain
Building a Sustainable World: Jade Mountain Renewable Energy.


QRMC Three Cylinder Stirling/HydraLink Animation and Description
Detailed animation of a Three Cylinder Stirling Engine by Quiet Revolution Motor Company, L.L.C.
A Compendium of Solar Dish/Stirling Technology
Bomin Solar Research
Stirling engine manufacturers. Vapourware?
Let's Build A Can Stirling Engine Step 10
Stirling Engine Home Page -English-
Sunpower Home Page
Stirling engine designers for cooling (mostly)
Guide to Solar Energy
A brief starting point for finding out about solar energy.


Chapter 2: Current Activities
Association of electrical companies in our region
Electricite Romande: Donnees
Info on consumption and production of electricity
A description of the EUCLIDES low concentration photovoltaic project
Proyecto Euclides
Info on the EUCLIDES concentration photovoltaic power plant (in Spanish)
High-Concentration Solar Energy Optics - Chapter 4
Project in Israel to mount secondary mirrors on a tower to reflect the solar energy to ground level. Not bad.
Index NSW DOE publications
Index of NSW DOE publications and order form include famous "White Cliffs" report
Installations solaires: 3000 demandes d'aide acceptées
A press release about the Swiss Energy 2000 solar fund
Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables
Company in charge of running the EUCLIDES project in Tenerife
ISES - International Solar Energy Society
Le Four de 1000 Kw
Contains potentially useful targetting formulas
LESO-PB: Laboratoire d'Énergie Solaire et de Physique du Bâtiment
a lab at the EPFL interested in solar energy for buildings
List of East European energy projects
NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), v 2.0
NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), v 2.0
National Solar Thermal Test Facility
The Solar Thermal Design Assistance Center assists manufacturers of solar thermal and/or related products to reduce the cost and/or improve reliability of products.
Swiss Federal Office of Energy
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PSA - Main Page
Platforma Solar de Almeria
SEL Publication List
Solar Chemistry Home Page
Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland
Solar Power Technologies
Makers of big stretched-membrane heliostats
Solar Thermal Energy - SEDA
The NSW goverment solar initiative
The newsletter of the International Energy Agency's SolarPACES Program, Task II
The latest new in solar chemistry. Mostly about fullerenes.
Welcome To Battelle
Probably the source of the bigger-heliostat myth
Welcome to Fraunhofer ISE
Big German scientific institute, well-known for solar energy
ISES online presence. Discussion forums extremely underutilized


Astronomy and numerical software source codes
Astronomical computations and mathematical functions source programs in C.
HEMI Home Page
CECASE Newsletter vol 3 number 1

ScienceWise is the workplace on the Web for scientists and engineers, providing details on research funding opportunities, funding opportunity e-mail alert services, information on various scholarship and fellowships, collaboration tools, science headline news, and scientific articles and abstracts.
Solar Dish Concentrator Materials
Privately-constructed solar concentrator. Lots of photos.
Concentrator List Archive - by date
Concentrator List Archive - by thread
Gridwise: Solar Thermal Electric - Heliostat Manufacturers
Helio Home Page
A company making a hybrid concentrating PV and hot-water heliostat system
redrok 's Home Page
High Powered Heliostat Array Concentrating Solar Collector.
A new company offering complete solar thermal parabolic trough systems for electricity and hot water
SAIC Energy: Materials and Structures Division Information
SAIC: Science Applications International Corporation
SAIC is the largest employee-owned research and engineering company in the United States.
Solar Concentrators
Solar Concentrators Website
Solar Dish Concentrator Materials
Excellent description and photos of a home-brew solar concentrator
Solar Trackers Homepage
Solar Tracking, Embedded Systems, Data Networks
Solar Tracking, Thermal, Photovoltaic


Dents on hailpads are generally not circular
An article detailing hail measurement techniques
Hazards Project
Outline of an article (?) showing hail and storm contour maps of North America
A detailed article describing hail statistics in Colorado with good references

Somebody in the Turro group involved with TiO2 photosynthesis Graetzel cells
BP Solar Homepage
Not too much real information
CSR Photovoltaics and Thermophotovoltaics Group
GO SOLAR! photovoltaic energy for a renewable future
A beginner's guide to photovoltaic solar energy with numerous contacts and links
New step in photovoltaics large scale systems efficiency
A Russian group interested in analysing the economics of photovoltaics
PV Power:PV Web Sites
Renewable Energy Industry - Survey: Organisations
Solarex Home Page
BP Solarex is the world's largest solar electric company with operations spanning raw material manufacturing through to turnkey project design installation and training and component sales through a large distribution network.
Solar Systems
Makers of a 20kW high concentration PV system


Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Energy:Renewable:Solar
I thought that my pages would be indexed here...
ENTECH, Incorporated Web Site
Producers of Fresnel-lens concentration photovoltaic systems
ISC will move into production of solar electric power units, that are one-sixth the cost of PVs. A breakthrough..
KJC Operating Company
PINECREST: Living Off The Utility Grid
Home Page for Pinecrest
Renewable Energy Businesses in the World by Name
Renewable Energy Businesses in the World by Name with Web Sites
A list of renewable energy businesses with websites


ANUTECH: Technology Opportunities
Direct solar energy - Box 3
Entry for Stephan Kaneff
New Scientist Planet Science: Digital dream world
Technology Review: July 95: Solar Power
A short history of solar energy


materials needed for making a field of heliostats

3M Lighting Light Pipe, Lighting Solutions for the New Millennium
TIR (total internal reflection) light pipe designs, a possible application for small heliostats


Glossary of Shrubs, Vines & Groundcover


ZYP Coatings, Inc.
ZYP Coatings, Inc. produces a complete line of high temperature coatings for use on ceramics, metals, or graphite substrates, in areas such as metal melting and forming, release agents, lubrication, masking, sealing, atmosphere protection, etc. Established in 1982, the company specializes in producing the most complete line of protective paintable refractory coatings for high-temperature use.
KilnTronics 09 Instruction Booklet


3M Innovation Network Search
A1 SUN-FOILTEC Switzerland, Windowfilms, Splitterschutzfolien, Splitterschutz, Sicherheitsfolien, Sonnenschutz, UV-SCHUTZ, window tinting, window film, fading, solar protection, energy efficiency, window treatments, glass tinting, glass coating, glare control, low e, ultraviolet protection
Swiss company selling protective films (UV, reflective, etc.)
ATI Mirroflex
American reseller of European mirror tiles
DuPont Home Page
DuPont is a science company, delivering science-based solutions that make a difference in people's lives in food and nutrition; health care; apparel; home and construction; electronics; and transportation. Founded in 1802, the company operates in 65 countries and has 92,000 employees
Nielsen's Enterprise Mylar
Siro - Language selection
An Austrian manufacturer of mirror tiles and handles




Fast links into the GULL website

GULL - Groupe des Usagers de LINUX du Léman
A new local Linux users group
GULL - La base de données
Usage Statistics for - Last 12 Months
Archive of linux-leman mailing list at VA Linux
Archive of linux-leman-annonces mailing list at VA Linux
Mail Index linux-leman-admin
Archive of linux-leman-admin mailing list at
Système de recherche mailing-lists ALPHANET
Marc Schaefer's backup of the GULL mailing lists
GULL uptime report
How is the GULL website doing?


The Linux Software Map (LSM)
Swiss SunSITE
The comp.os.linux.announce home page
An archive plus instructions for posting
Index of RTFM /
Read The Fucking Manual
THE source of software for UNIX
Linux Online - The Linux Home Page
Comprehensive information and resources about the Linux Operating System.
Welcome to LinuxFocus
Linux Gazette Index Page
The "gazette" version of the Linux Journal
Gary's Encyclopedia - Home Page
A good page of links, esp. telephony?
LinuxWorld - Putting Linux to Work
Welcome to LinuxWorld. Here you'll find news, feature articles and columns that will help you put Linux to work.
A succint Linux site for announcements
Linux Applications and Utilities Page - Applications
Linux Links by Goob (Linux Links Directory)
Linux NOW!
The Most Complete Linux Reference


Linux en Suisse romande
Marc Schaeffer's summary of Linux activity around here
Linux France
Linux France : documents en français
Linux Users Group Switzerland
Linux users in CH
A list of registered Linux users in Switzerland
Linux User Groups registered with the Linux Counter
A world-wide list of Linux User Groups
Association FINIX
A LUG on which the rules of GULL were based
Le Portique
a searchable database of schools in Switzerland
Club Internet, Ecublens/Lausanne
A web and computer club near me.
Arches Formations
a computer/business school in Lausanne that might teach Linux (if you ask them to)
Microclub Home Page
Local Swiss-Romand computer club, becoming Linux-oriented


Bienvenue sur le site officiel de la distribution PingOO / Linux
article about a Debian distribution meant for managing French schools
Directory of /pub/redhat/old-releases/redhat-6.0/SRPMS/SRPMS
SuSE, Inc. - Innovations in Linux
SuSE, Inc. Publisher of the SuSE Linux operating system for Intel-based PCs and supplier of quality Linux-based software applications and other Linux resources.
Directory of /mirror/SuSE/suse/i386/current/full-names/src
Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Debian GNU/Linux is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their time and effort. Your Online Linux Resource is the destination for Linux and open source community. We provide extensive news, support, documentation, training, and case studies, as well as downloads, shopping, and forums for the open source community.
S.u.S.E., Inc. - Innovations in Linux
Slackware Linux


Software and docs related to accessibilty for blind users (and users with bad eyesight or crappy monitors).

Speech Synthesis
Info and links concerning speech synthesisers
The Festival Speech Synthesis System
Free speech synthesiser for Linux with hooks for Emacs
A university-sponsored speech synthesiser with many European accents (cute French female voice, too)
Jos Lemmens Page - screader
Text-to-speech screen reader for Linux
Emacspeak --A Speech Output Subsystem For Emacs
Software for Blind Linux Users
Index of /pub/blinux
Blinux Info
Blinux deals with support for the Linux user who is blind. Blinux archive holds software and help files. Blinux mailing lists let you stay informed.
The BLINUX Documentation and Development Project
Linux software and support for the blind and visually impaired user. Clearinghouse for access documentation, applications and utilities, and beta testing.


Linux on Toshiba laptops in particular

Linux on Laptops
Links to complete information on configuring Linux for laptops
Linux on the Toshiba 400CS
Linux on the Toshiba Tecra series
Good over-all descriptions of solutions for installing Linux on Toshiba laptops
Linux on the Toshiba Satellite 300CDT
Linux for Toshiba PCs
Toshiba's new support site for Linux
RedHat Linux on a Toshiba Satellite 315CDS
Linux PCMCIA Information
Home page of the Linux PCMCIA project
The Linux/IR Project
Infra-red communications for Linux
Xircom driver development
All about PCMCIA network and modem cards


List of Linux consultants, mostly in Switzerland

Born Consulting Inc.
Someone with a domain that I'd like to own who doesn't know how to take advantage of it
Easter-eggs - Spécialiste Linux
Easter-eggs, spécialiste GNU/Linux : serveurs Linux, architecture réseau, développement spécifique et support à base de Linux et des logiciels libres
Linux Consultants HOWTO: Switzerland
LinuxPorts -- Solutions for the Corporation
Home of the Linux Consultants HOWTO
MRS Home
robotics solutions
T.Pospisek SW Engineering



Resources for improving Internet speed and performance

Internet Junkbuster Headlines
A fantastic free program for ripping the ads out of webpages
An excellent blocklist for Junkbuster
Fortify for Netscape - Home Page
Upgrade the security in Netscape export versions
Viewable With Any Browser
A campaign to get people to write portable HTML pages
W3C HTML Validation Service
Yet another checker of web pages
CAST - Bobby
A web robot that rates your web pages for accessibility and style. Free. HIGHLY recommended.
Checklinks 1.0.1-- Yet Another HTML Link-Checker
Welcome to Linbot
Python-based software for automatically checking your site for dead links and other nasties
Software & Services for Checking Links & Creating Site Maps
A big list of free and non-free internet services including site-checking, HTML syntax control, etc.
LinkScan/QuickCheck is a Free Online Link Checking and HTML Validation Service.
a link checking service demo (one page at a time)
Daemon News 199903 : Managing websites using Unix
An introduction to the CVS version control system
AltaVista MarketSpace - NewwwsStand Archives
A good collection of web pulishing articles
Web Tools Download - The Web Developer's Journal
Software (free and shareware) and news for web builders
Off-line explorer of Netscape cache
A simple program for looking at the cache
The WWWOFFLE Homepage
A proxy for caching webpages and more
Example of what I consider a good site map


Home Page of Jad - the fast Java decompiler
Jad - the fast Java decompiler - Directories
Java library - the java icon generator
An applet for creating icons for IE5.0
Source of the Blackdown JDK1.1.6
Thinking in Java
Java Sound for Linux Communicator 4.03
Tips of fixing the sound and Java in Netscape for Linux
The Java(TM) Boutique - Utilities
The Java Boutique is a collection of applets that you can put on your own pages. It also features Java news, links to other Java resources, and more.


Welcome to CGI Free
A site offering a varied of CGI BINs in exchange for banner ads
Anonymizer, Inc.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) focuses public attention on emerging civil liberties, privacy, First Amendment, and other constitutional issues.
The CGI Resource Index
The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: Perl: Logging Accesses and Statistics
Track the number of visitors to your site and log other useful information.


Stroud's Web Browser Reviews
A comprehensive review of browsers - a bit out-dated A NEW BROWSER
W3M Homepage
A fantastic text-based WWW browser. Better than Lynx!
SLCC Lynx Pages
Patches and plugins for Lynx
Patches or plugins for the Lynx browser
Directory of .
Lynx Information
Index of Information resources about the Lynx browser for the World Wide Web


Stuff on how to get ppp working

PPPui: A Friendly GUI For PPP
Graphic PPP for Linux
An excellent anecdotal PPP debugging page that I contributed to (without knowing)


mail-related stuff

Virtual Hosting with Sendmail
Mutt Stuff
The BlackMail Anti Spam Mailer Daemon
Index of /~adam/stripmime
Razor - 0.24
parp - Perl-based Anti-spam capable Replacement for Procmail
A spam-reporting site. Forward your email to them and they will (supposedly) do something about it...
homepage of the famous mailing-list package
Sendmail Home Page
Free mailing list software for Linux

NetSpace Project
Home of Bugtraq and other mailing lists
The WebFetch Project
WebFetch Software Distribution
Newzbot! Public USENET Resources for the Masses
Public News Servers sorted by Speed
a simple, web-based presentation application. Tons of pre-made presentations.

ADVOCACY - Software - Operating Systems - Linux - 10 Questions About Linux
An article comparing most of the available operating systems
developerWorks : Linux : Features / Library - Papers
Tips for programming cleanly in Perl
Gary's Encyclopedia - Promotion of Linux, Open Source, etc.
A good starting point for advocacy and explanations of Linux
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Plenty of resources related to free software
The Free Software Bazaar
A site for matching contractors and developers of free software - protecting competition against the abuse of software patents
An organisation against the patenting of algorithms and software
Humorix: All Linux Humor. All Copied Mottos. All the Time.
Humorix: Jokes, humor, and fun about everyone's favorite non-Microsoft operating system
l i n u x p o w e r . o r g -- Helping Users Harnness The Power of Linux
Yet another Linux resource page
Linux 2.0 Penguins
Larry Ewing's site, original designer of the penguin
Linux in business
Advocating Linux for business
Linux in the new millennium
Y2K issues in Linux
LSM - Libre Software Meeting
organisers of the first Libre Software Meeting. Pictures!
Linux+BSD CD/Hardware/Literature Giveaway
Where to get FREE Linux CDs.
MicroTimes: Guest Editorial
The evil stupidity of shrinkwrap licences
Netcraft - Web Server Survey
A survey of European webservers showing Linux coming in first
OpenContent Content Database
A list of OpenContent stuff, sort of like GPL.
PC Magazine: Web Servers - What the Numbers Mean (05/05/98)
A strange survey that shows how much better MS servers are than Apache. Could someone explain this to me?
Project Independence
An easier distro based on RH5.2
RHCE Course Outline
A good list of what every Linux expert should know
RHCE Course Prerequisites
Another good list of what Linux experts should know
StarOffice Wars
A detailed description on a partly unsuccessful attempt to switch a lawyer's office to Linux/StarOffice with lessons learned
WhatWeNeed - the Linux app wishing well
a database of free-software wishes
survey site at WebCMO -- a site dedicated to web marketing research
Contains a survey of Linux users.
The Linux Counter
Got a Match?
Burn All GIFs Day
A call to dump GIFs because of Unisys's enforcement of their LZW patent
The Weapon of Openness
The advantage of openness from a nanotech point of view, but applicable in general


The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
Website of the LDP
Big Linux apps list
A good catagorized list of Linux applications.
A drop-in replacement for the standard Unix calandar. Color and better date syntax.


Database software, clients and servers

Glimpse -- a UNIX Search Engine
Glimpse and Webglimpse are Unix-based search software for gathering, indexing and searching a set of files over the web.
Section des programmes
MySQL Downloads
The other big free database program
The KMySql homepage
PgAccess - a Tcl/Tk PostgreSQL interface
SQL Mode
Yet another SQL mode package for Emacs
Summersault: DB Browser Software
Browser-based access to tables in SQL databases
[fm] search results for access

Directory of /pub/file
Home of the Unix file(1) command


Floppy-disk and embedded distributions

Linux - Small Kernel Project
Linux on Embedded Systems
Category frontend
ELKS - The Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset
A tiny Linux suitable for embedded controlers (like my heliostats?)


Business and money-related software for Linux

A project to make a free version of Money and Quicken
Free Electronic Commerce Software
MiniVend -- Powerful and Free
A free online store program
Gary's Encyclopedia - Personal Information Management
small list of project managers that work under Linux
Linux-based Financial Software
A list of business software for Linux
OPENSCHED project scheduling software
A free Perl script for turning schedule notes into GANNT charts.



XGlobe Homepage
Like Xplanet, but designed for use with KDE(?)
A version of xearth that allows an arbitrary bitmap. Pretty eye-candy.

AERO - Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements
Animation based on simple physical models
Directory of /pub/sdsc/graphics/imtools/source
A powerful set of graphics tools
Geomview Home Page
A geometrical object view for X that also can do Mathematica graphical objects
Giram Home Page
Giram Is Really A Modeller (for POVRAY)
ImageMagick - X11 Image Processing and Display Package
ImageMagick, version 4.2.9, is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in any of the more popular image formats including GIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and Photo CD. With ImageMagick you can create GIFs dynamically making it suitable for Web applications. You can also resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image and save your completed work in the same or differing image format.
SAL- Computer Graphics, Images & Signals - CAD, Drawing & Painting Tools
Yet another Linux apps list, graphics-oriented
The GIMP Homepage
Home of the GNU Image Manipulation Program
The Mesa 3-D graphics library
Free version of OpenGL
The Unix Graphics Utilities Pages
The XAnim Home Page
Movie clip player for XWindows
VRML Resources for Linux
Welcome to the Gimp!
Companion site of the Gimp book
Xanim / Cinepak
New AVI driver (?) for Xanim that I haven't tried

Graphviz Example
Samba Server Step-by-Step Guide
A simplified step-by-step Samba guide with pictures


Linux Trace Toolkit
Linux et le clavier suisse romand
Un article pour bien configurer un clavier Suisse romand avec Linux, sous la console ou sous X (XFree86).
Homepage of Ledcontrol
Memtest86 - Memory Diagnostic Page
A stand-alone memory testing program for Linux boxes.
Slram: a use for uncached RAM on Linux/x86
A kernal patch for converting the upper part of RAM into a disk cache for systems that don't cache the entire RAM range.
Linux Parallel Port Home Page
Linux-Robotics FAQ
The Linux Lab project Home Page
Linux software for controling experiments

List of programs that works with Wine
Sounds collection
goofy sounds
Xperl Homepage
XMCD Binary Download
A CD player that connects to online databases to collect song titles


LinuxTelephony is a resource for those interested in Computer Telephony on Linux and Open-Source CT projects
Fax programs for Linux
HylaFAX Home Page
A fax server package for Linux
Nautilus Secure Phone Homepage


A free office suite for Linux


XEmacs: The next generation of Emacs
Home page of the XEmacs text editor / cuisinart
Emacs Lisp List
A list of Emacs-related links
Directory of /pub/monnier

FreeType Introduction
Free TrueType code for many platforms
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Home for some Postscript-based utilities
International Ispell
Francais-GUTenberg 1.0
Correcteur 101 version pour Linux
LyX, the word-processor front-end for LaTeX
MSWordView, MSWord 8 converter for unix
Converts Word documents to HTML
Siag Office
A free "office suite" for Linux
SIOD: Scheme in One Defun
Definition of the LISP-like language used in GIMP scripts
StarOffice Download and Order CDs
StarOffice download
The pstotext program
Program for stripping postscript files
What has WYSIWYG done to us?
A long article on the (dis)advantages of WYSIWYG word processing


X-TrueType Server Project : The diary to cheer pretty pretty Aoi-chan.
Latest True-Type font server for X
Brian Miller's X Fonts Fixit Page
How to improve your fonts under X
Free X server for Windows and Mac
Qvwm Home Page
A replacement for FVWM, still under active development
The Official FVWM Homepage
Homepage of a XWindows windows manager project
XFree86(TM): Home Page
XSelection - copy to/from the commandline from/to the X cut buffer
Xselection allows the user to manipulate the X cut buffer via the command line


Bienvenue !
Denis Bucher and co.'s Linux shop. SuSE, RedHat, and Debian. Upload Your Own Logo! - search portal
Linux Buyers' Consortium
Linux Mall Directory
Linux Systems Labs Order Form


Analog Science Fiction and Fact
My favorite science fiction magazine - finally they have their own website!
Edicom: Accueil
Publisher of 24 Heures and Tribune de Geneve (I think).
Linux Weekly News, daily updates page
What is says. Not bad.
LWN as one big page
Linux Weekly News all on one easy-to-read page
North Shore News On-line Newspaper Weekly Update
Hometown rag.
Nuts & Volts Magazine
Electronic hackers magazine with free samples.
Performance Computing - Opinions Index
Some interesting opinions on UNIX
One of the original hacker mags.
Reason Online
Libertarian magazine News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters.
A MUCH better e-mag than Wired News
SunWorld - Table of Contents
Sun's magazine, sometimes they have Linux stuff.
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
Yet another good general weekly tech mag
The Onion | 19 August 1998
The Onion, America's Finest News Reporting is an award-winning satirical publication founded in 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin.
The Rapidly Changing Face of ComputingTechnology Journal
The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing (RCFoC) is a weekly technology journal providing pragmatic, unbiased insight, analysis, and commentary on contemporary computing's innovations and trends, and on the technologies that drive them - important elements that drive our businesses and, increasingly, our global society and economy. The RCFoC keeps us informed on these innovations and trends to enable us to make the best possible business decisions in an industry that 'moves at net speed.' The RCFoC also challenges us to connect these happenings in ways that may be 'beyond the nine dots,' and so encourages us to consider our current, and future, products, services, and business strategies in light of the rapidly changing face of computing. The RCFoC is written by Jeffrey R. Harrow, Senior Consulting Engineer for Compaq Computer Corporation's Corporate Research & Advanced Development Group. The RCFoC is available on the Web at (where it's also available as an on-demand weekly 'radio show'), and via automatic Email by subscribing at The views expressed in the RCFoC are those of the author and not necessarily those of Compaq Computer Corporation.
The Vancouver Sun - Welcome
Another hometown rag. When are they going to get their search facility working?
Today on HotWired!
Barely bother to look anymore, but they used to be good.
Wired News
Turning into a corporate dumping ground...


AltaVista Simple Web Query
text-only page
AltaVista Tools & Gadgets
good tool box of reference sources
AltaVista Photo Finder
Images, Photos...AltaVista has the largest multimedia index on the web, providing the ultimate destination to find exactly what you are looking for.
Deja Power Search
Direct link to power searching of news.
Mind-it - Quick Add
A system for automatic notification of changes in a web page.
Yahoo! France - The Swiss Search Engine
Beaucoup Search Engines -- Main Menu
French meta-search engine
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Internet:Usenet:Public Access Usenet Sites
Reference.COM Search
For looking up stuff from MAILING LISTS
Wired Cybrarian
Différents annuaires (nouveau...)
Swiss Top Addresses
Tools for WWW providers
Welcome to WebRing!
FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time
new search engine, supposedly covering more of the web


Direction des Ecoles - Bibliothèque municipale
Online Lausanne library catalog
EPFL Libraries
'École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL): bibliothèques et ressources documentaires. Serveur Web de la Bibliothèque centrale: page d'accueil.


SBB Online
Train schedules
SNCF trains
Traffic Information
Road conditions in Switzerland


Télévision Suisse Romande : les programmes
Television program
Edicom: Aujourd'hui: Cinéma
Movie listings in Lausanne and Vaud
Réservez votre place cinéma - une exclusivité Métrociné!
Yet another movie listing service for Lausanne and Vaud
La Poste Suisse - Liste des titulaires de Comptes Jaunes
Account numbers of poste account holders (!)
A reference book explaining French grammar rules
NewsBot: Business -- Recent Business
Service for searching WIRED
the blue window
Blue Window - der Internet Provider der Swisscom
the blue window SEARCH
The International Lyrics Server - Find your favorite song lyrics!
Recently shut down by the cops
The Open Text Index


Tuxfinder : Linux search tool
ALIWEB Search Form
Directory of /pub
Walnut Creek archives. Root
Swiss SunSITE CH Search


Directory of WWW.*.CH Servers
Welcome to WhoWhere?!
WhoWhere? is the leading Communications Guide enabling people and businesses worldwide to find, connect and collaborate with each other by providing directories of email addresses, phone numbers and addresses, free web based email and much more.
411 E-Mail Directory
411 with auto-login sequence
Internet Address Finder
Internet Address Finder offers more than 6 million unique e-mail address listings. It's the quick and easy way to find email addresses on the Net. Register with Internet Address Finder so your friends can find you.
SWITCH Welcome Page
Welcome to the InterNIC
Web DNS Look Up
Web Interface to Whois


Add Me, FREE Website Promotion!
A URL submitter of questionable value
Anzwers Home Page
An Australian web search engine.
Infoseek: Infoseek Add URL Status
Lycos - Homepage
Submit-It! / ComFind - Select Category
The Small Business Directory at AllBusiness lets you promote your business and locate vendors in your area. Directory listings are completely free. Create a free listing then search the directory to find products and services.
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Pearsoft Co. Ltd. Phonebook of Switzerland
Online telephone directory for Switzerland
Welcome to the Canada411 Canadian telephone number directory, featuring a database of phone numbers in Canada.
German telephone book
Différents annuaires (nouveau...)
Various Swiss and worldwide directories
French WhitePages
Four11 Search Results
Reverse Phone Directory - Identifies a name and address from a telephone number. Direct access to three reverse phone directories that provide you with a name and address from a reverse phone search.
Only really works for the USA and a bit of Canada
Original Yellow Pages


Top Jobs on the Net - French Swiss
jobs uk and ireland management professional.
Physics World Jobs Online
Emplois disponibles chez Marvel
Marvel Communications - Internet Communication, Design and Web Strategy Specialists
Guillot Consulting: offres actuelles
Emplois chez Siemens
About Logitech | Jobs | Index
The academic job market
Science Jobs in Switzerland
Bernard (head hunters, France)
NCS Career Magazine
Career Magazine for career opportunities, employment and job listings, resume bank, job openings, US Jobs
Offres d'emploi EPFL
Job Offers
A database of mostly academic scientific jobs in Switzerland
Contemporary Problems in Science Jobs


EEVL E-journal Search Engine
A search engine for a collection of engineering e-mags
The Spire Project
Serious searching for science
Welcome to The Institute of Physics
The Web site for physics and physicists from the Institute of Physics
Welcome to UnCoverWeb!
Bibliothèques EPFL
'École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL): bibliothèques et ressources documentaires. Serveur Web de la Bibliothèque centrale: page d'accueil.
Bibliothèque centrale de l'EPFL/Réseau ETHICS



Corbis Picture Experience - AltaVista - BETA TEST
Directory of /pub/usenet/news.answers/graphics/fileformats-faq


Free 3D Software: Blender
J-Track 3D
POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
POV-Ray - the official internet home of the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
POVRay Objects Collection
A growing collection of interesting objects built with POVRAY
Texture Library 3.0


The VRML Consortium
Web3D CONSORTIUM | The Web3D Consortium represents all aspects of 3D technologies on the Internet.
The VRML Repository


Mechanical CAD for Linux
The most complete review that I have seen so far of VariCAD plus mention of a few other packages one can find for Linux
VariCAD s.r.o.
A new 3D CAD for Linux, US$300
Direct link to download menu around the info collector.
VARKON - Documentation
Parameteric modeler. Free for Linux. Not a true 3d solid modeler.
Minos for Windows
Solid modeling CAD for W95. FREE!
3D : POVLAB's Modeller Home Page
POVLAB home and support site POVLAB is a DOS-based program, which models 3D objects for the Persistence Of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray). Look for power...
3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures
3DCAFE is the World's Largest Website for Computer Graphic Artists!
AC3D - 3D Graphics Modeller - HOME PAGE
The AC3D Modeller Home Page


AutoCAD Lisp/ADS tools
AutoCAD Shareware Clearinghouse
Autocad Shareware Clearinghouse - the Largest Source on the Internet for AutoCAD Resource Files including AutoCAD LISP, Drivers, Fonts, Blocks, Menus, Utilities, and AutoCAD R2000, All downloadable from a Searchable Database of over 3500 Titles.
Autodesk - Technical Solutions and FAQs
Autodesk Resource Guide 1996/97 Winter Edition
The AutoCAD resource guide is a collection of freely distributable Public Domain, Freeware, Shareware, Demo Code, Source Code, Utilities, Applications, etc. for the AutoCAD professional.
AutoLisp Utilities for AUTOCAD
comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ
Directory of /pub/asme/AUTO_CAD
Walnut Creek archives. American Society of Mechnical Engineers AutoCAD stuff
Gateway Community-Tech. College
Place where Moanfeldt, author of Introduction to AutoLISP, comes from.
Group A & Maximizing AutoCAD/AutoLISP
AutoDESK supplier for Switzerland
LispPad: The AutoLISP and DCL Code Editor
SoftwareForge Inc.
Freedom of Choice CAD for Unix
Tony Tanzillo's Home Page
Trucs & Astuces Sur Autocad
EURL Didier LOURDELLE - Conception d'applications informatiques - Spécialiste en gestion de patrimoine - Dessin Industriel - Assistance technique en bureau d'études
Welcome to CADsyst- Shareware for AutoCAD
XLISP-STAT for Microsoft Windows 3.1
XLISP-STAT for Microsoft Windows 3.1


LeoCAD Homepage
CYCAS CAD 2D + 3D + ARCHITECTURE for Linux, NetBSD, Amiga
DenebaCAD Intro
A CAD for Macs. US$700
Baystate Technologies Web
CADKEY Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets the price/performing CADKEY and CADKEY-integrated 2D/3D PC-CAD product lines - CADKEY WIREFRAME, CADKEY 98, CADKEY DESIGN SUITE, FastSURF®, and DRAFT-PAK® - for diverse engineering applications.
bCAD Site
A CAD system for Linux and W95, but site seems to be at least one year since last update
Bentley Engineering, Design, and CAD Software, MicroStation
Bentley Systems, Incorporated develops professional enterprise-wide engineering, modeling, design, and computer aided design (CAD) software for the geoengineering/GIS, civil, mechanical, plant, and building industries. Our products include MicroStation, ModelServer Publisher, PowerDraft, PowerScope, GeoGraphics, Modeler, Descartes, MasterPiece, ModelServer Continuum
Bentley MicroStation, Academic Pricing
CAD system that has UNIX version. $3000? No actual price
Expert Software-CAD 3D
Bloody cheap (US$15), but is it any good?
FreeDesigner Announcement
Group designing a free CAD system for Linux
IntelliCAD® 98 by Visio
Makers of IntelliCAD
Interesting CAD Links
Intergraph's Imagineer Technical CAD Product
2D dynamic parametric CAD system
OpenDWG Alliance/Philosophy - Why an Open DWG Standard?
Parametric Technology Corporation
Home or ProEngineer CAD program (?)
REM INFOGRÁFICA. The creator of Metareyes, Clothreyes and the REM 3D models bank
Solid Concepts Inc.: Pricing and Configurations
Solid Concepts Inc.: Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Excellence
SolidView is the only 3D and 2D view and markup program for all popular CAD systems that provides a free viewer for sharing design data with everyone
SolidWorks® 98: Production Solid Modeling for Mainstream Engineers
SolidWorks, Inc. (Jeff Kiess)
SolidWorks Corporation - Production Solid Modeling on the Desktop
SolidWorks, Inc. (Jeff Kiess)
Spatial Technology - The Home of ACIS
Makers of Solid Modeling engine used by everyone
T-FLEX Home Page
Yet another CAD
Trispectives Sales Information
Yet another CAD. $1000
TurboCAD 3D Solid Modeler
$2000 for Solid Modeler but only $300 for Pro. Why?
Welcome To Diehl Graphsoft, Inc.!
Authors of MiniCAD. $2000


The Electronic Pages
The Electronic Pages are pages for electronic designers with all sorts of info about electronics
DANA'S Index of Electronic Manufacturers on the Web
Silicon Sam's Technology Resource (SSTR) - Main Table of Contents
A fantastic site for information on how to repair electronic stuff
The Electronic Guide Home Page
Text Files in the Circuits Archive


International 56K Information


Cameras | QuickCam Pro
Info on Logitech's version of the QuickCam
qcread - Image reader and routines for Connectix QuickCam control.
Color QuickCam
Homepage of Connectix Corp.
Connectix Corporation is the developer of popular emulation tools and utilities for Mac OS, Windows, and the Internet.


Keithley MetraByte, the Leader in PC Data Acquisition
National Instruments
With National Instruments hardware and software, engineers and scientists can customize PCs to measure and automate the collection of data from the world around us, perform analysis on that data, and present it in an easy-to-understand manner. Engineers and scientists use our products to increase productivity and lower costs.
Campbell Scientific Australia - Home page


An unofficial sci.geo.satellite-nav mini-FAQL
Welcome to Hughes Olivetti Telecom
DirecDuo Satelite Internet
Magellan GPSes


Open Hardware site
Complete plans for an embedded Linux system
Safe & Sane SMD Repair with Chip Quik Alloy
How to un-solder SMD chips
A good, cheap ($4) embedded processor
A good embedded processor ($12)
Book on PIC controlers
Directory of /pub/nutsvolts/scott
G.S.E. sprl
P.C. industriels et systèmes d'acquisition.
Iguana Labs Order Form
A place to order ATMEL processors
Microchip Home Page
National Control Devices RS-232 Control Products
Paramax, Inc.
Paramax introduces revolutionary internet telephony products including the portable MaxPhone. Make the highest quality internet long distance calls for free!
A complete computer on a SIMM running Linux
uClinux 30 Pin Microcontroller Module - as of June 27, 1999
Perlim Specs
Solutions Cubed is an innovative electronic design group with an emphasis on embedded systems. Our line of Miniature Engineering modules takes common engineering requirements and simplifies access to a variety of functions. We are a member of the Microchip Consultant Program.
Welcome to Parallax, Inc.


Electronics Mall of Korea
Product Offerings by Manufacturer
We specialize in Motion and Control Products. See Your Distributor
JDR Microdevices Web Home Page
Analog Devices
Jameco Electronics
Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
Digi-Key DigiKey Electronic Component Distributor
All Electronics Corp.
All Electronics has one of the largest selections of New and Surplus Electronics Parts and Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies. We have been selling to the public for over 30 years.
Mouser Electronics
Mouser Electronics is a distributor of electronic components for many fine manufacturers including AMP, 3M, Amphenol, SGS, ST Microelectronics, Vishay-Dale, Sprague, Alpha, Aavid, Belden, CEL, Chicago Miniature and Clarostat.


Devantech Limited, Industrial Electronic Controls
Swiss computer hardware supplier - nice, simple website
Embedded Directory at WHYRON
Hobbytronic - Conrad Electronic
Swiss hobbist store. EVERYTHING you need for robotics, but expensive
Index of Electronic Companies
Willkommen bei MISCO-Online
MISCO Germany - EDV Versandhandel für gewerbliche Anwender


Philips Semiconductors Homepage
Philips Semiconductors: Up-to-the-minute information about Discrete Semiconductors and analog and digital Integrated Circuits (ICs, Chips) for audio, video, automotive, consumer, mobile, multimedia and wireless communications markets.
TI Home Page


Advanced Tilt Sensors, Inclinometers, Angle
AEInc. Spymaster
Boondog Automation
8255, PPI, parallel, digital, digital interface card, interface card, DIO, I/O, robot, robotics, computer, control, motor, motor control, DC Motor, DC Motors, stepper, stepper motors, keypad, lcd, analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog, relay, home automation, home security, PC, PC electronics, temperature sensor, ADC, DAC
Circuit Cellar Home Page
embedded computer electrical engineering PIC Microchip Motorola 68HC11 design forum Steve Ciarcia silicon circuit cellar INK microcontroller microprocessor DSP sensor robot control
Directory of /pub/electronics
DonTronics - Z80 Page.
The "secrets" of the Z80
Electronic Hobbyist
Internet access for everyone. Bringing Internet access to the people.
Globetech Transmitters & Shopping Mall
Hewlett Packard Interface Loop
MIT robot board seller
NICO Group 's Home Page
PC Gadgets - Home of the GadgetMaster stepper motor control
Home of the GadgetMaster stepper motor, If you want to control DC motors or stepper motors, lights, buzzers, sensors or switches or automate anything from your PC, then this is the place.
Sinclair ZX81 Computer Kitofoct.t
Spycam Blowout Sale!!!


PartNET, Inc.
Catalog sites for several parts companies, mostly military. Site of SDP-SI's catalog.


Serv-O-Link Corp.
A source of plastic gears and drive components
All Electronics Corp - MOTORS
First catalog page of motors for AEC.
Swiss hardware company.
Stocks gears(?)
Gear Technology Magazine
Magazine about gear manufacturing
Mädler GmbH
German gear company. Site under construction
maxon motor world wide
A Swiss motor company building extremely high quality motors
Nozag AG (gears)
Swiss gear company
Power Transmission Home Page
Power Transmission Industry Buyers Guide and motion products information source
Quality Transmission Components Home Page
Metric gear company. No prices either. Associated with SDP-SI
Rush Gear Home Page
American company producing custom gears on demand. No prices mentioned.
recommended on comp.robotics.misc for gears, etc.
Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument
A big gear company. They give out free catalogs and handbooks, but no prices on the Internet. Need Netscape 4.0 or higher for proper viewing (crap otherwise)


An Album of Turbomachinery
biodiesel, vegetable oil, and the Veggie Van
How to convert vegetable oil to diesel fuel using lye and alcohol
Electricite Romande: Futur
Harris Hydro
Hydropower links by Wim Klunne
Internet links on hydro power (via Rural Energy and Development at ITC, Enschede, the Netherlands)
Impulse Turbines
Micro Hydro Systems
Jade Mountain offers components and whole systems for hydro electric power generation. We can customize for your site or provide industry standard Turgo and Pelton wheels, also Harris Hydroelectric and Microset turbines.
Plans for Tesla's Disk Turbine
JPEG image, but not very readable. No other info except a snail-mail address
Quasiturbine (Aussi français) - Zero vibration Rotary engine
A wierd chain-link turbine. See it to believe it.
Strath Steam - Trak Pul Engineering
A 5kW steam engine for small steam boats
The leading business directory of surplus, new and used industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, processing equipment, electrical and power equipment, and capital machinery available throughout the world. Updated daily.
Technical paper (steam-water jets)
A difficult-to-read paper about the phenomena of steam-liquid jets


Mechanical Parts Sources
Sky Probe 1000 Telescope Positioning
Low Temperature Differential Stirling Cycle Engine
Reeves Model Engineers - Home Page
Ken Rhodes Home Page
Edmund Scientific
Edmund Scientifics offers a broad range of products for science enthusiasts, including telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, chemistry sets, magnets, science projects, solar panels, rock tumblers, metal detectors, optics, magnifiers and thousands of other astronomical, geological, meteorological and biological items from companies like Celestron, Meade, Nikon, Ohaus, Acculab, Steiner and Edmund Scientific.


Cadre des produits et matières plastiques
A plastics supplier in Geneve
Entrance to
Injection mold maker, specializing in PRO-E conversions
Materials Home Pages
Perreten SA - Renens
PERRETEN injection plastiques SA, Le spécialiste en pièces techniques.
The PROFORM home page, information about PROFORM products and services
ROB1NSON plastic packaging
these people use LSL
RPC Home Page 1
Company introduction and reference to product specific pages


About Robert C. Michelson's Micro Air Vehicle "Entomopter" Project
A project to build a robotic flying insect
Domestic Droids
Home of the robotic lawn mower project and others
Husqvarna Solar Mower - Welcome
A robotic lawn mower, about 30 cm high
New LEGO-based robotics construction kit
PRELIMINARY Task Mobile Robot Information
Reconn's Robotics and EE Webring
Robot Information Central
Robotics and EE Webring
Electronics, Robotics, Circus Arts, and Astronomy. Win an award and join the Robotics and EE Webring!


It's the fault of the system. Dig it?


Banner Killers
CJB.NET provides free URL redirection services with no advertisements, a subdomain address, path forwarding, URL cloaking with support for titles and meta tags, mail forwarding, mail aliases, web mail, a chat room, a guestbook, a forum, and more!
Remove Pop-Up Ads ! - The World Headquarters for the Fight Against Popup Advertising! - Disable Pop Up Ads from your Free homepages!
The Headquarters on the Web to eliminate Popup advertising from the Internet! Learn how to use HTML, Javascript, and other programs to remove pop up advertising.


and other anti-proprietairy stuff

Boycott Microsoft
Why you should boycott Microsoft
List of Microsoft joke sites
Linux & Windows95 Logos
Miscellaneous cheap shots.
The MircoSoft Hate Page
Good source of propaganda graphics


HIGH TIMES - Pot Glossary
South to the Future s World Wide Wire Service
A story about a biochemist who spliced the genes for THC into oranges and gave away the seeds on the Internet.


ORG: A Random Quote From Ayn Rand
Where do you want to go today?
Anonymous URL fetching site.
Laissez Faire City - Costa Rica
A "free port" in construction, inspired by the works of Ayn Rand
The Principality Of New Utopia - Welcome to the Principality of New Utopia Home Page
Yet another free port a la Ayn Rand


Fight Nerd Oppression!
A geek resource page - computer and internet news by and for geeks
How to build a transparent computer case


Hacking and cracking-related stuff

Big Ball of Mud
An essay on how programs become unmanageable and how to stop it
The Register
the new home of the Bastard Operator From Hell
Eric Raymond's Home Page
Everything about my Internet projects.
Eric Conspiracy Home Page
Our sinister plans for world domination
Jargon File Resources
Jamie Zawinski
Plenty of good rantings.
Bruce Peren's new site
Know Your Enemy: III
An excellent description of a script-kiddie encounter
Silvio Cesare
Software Information Memo
See figure 1.
Text files (philes) from the good old days. Cool.
forum - Guest Feature Forum: The Internet Auditing Project
The HTML Terrorist's Handbook
Techniques for writing web pages that will screw non-conformant browsers
USAIL Self-Evaluation Tests
UNIXUX: Click on the cursor.
The UNIX Haters' home page. Excellent design.



various people venting their spleens

The Misanthropic Bitch
Thought-provoking essays by a true lover of humanity.
CamWorld: CamRants
J. Scott Bushey: About Me
Nick's Rant of the Day
Daily editorial with a humorous perspective on social and political issues | RANT
RANT satire comedy parody

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
How to bring the media and corporations to their knees
Dr. Tomorrow Home Page
A "futurist"
I, Cringely
A pundit.
the cluetrain manifesto
Policy guidelines for businesses, in particular ecommerces
The Game
Answer a few multiple-choice questions to learn exactly how attractive you are to typical members of the opposite sex. Brutal. I scored -32 when I was honest.
Stories of abuse of high-tech workers
Stuff to Look At
What if highways were like the Internet?
Tool Of Objective Truth: Solid as a rock
Polls based on Alta Vista searches. REALLY objective.

Shoot down a B2 bomber and win a prize!
An encyclopedia of Illuminati and Discordia
Church of the Subgenius. Bob rules.


Laws and techniques for ensuring your privacy

User Tracking
Techniques websites use to track users (and how to stop them)
Your Social Security Number
A FAQ about your SSN rights (for Americans, anyway)
The Holy personnummer
The trials and tribulations of not having a serial number in Sweden

Bored.Com - Have Some Fun On The Internet
Links to the most fun and interesting FREE sites on the Internet. If you have nothing better to do, visit us.
Computer Stupidities
Stories of stupidity
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
A collection of amateur science projects.
Welcome to How Stuff Works!
The index to hundreds of fantastic 'How Stuff Works' articles!
Welcome to the Dilbert Zone®
The Official Dilbert Website features Scott Adam's daily Dilbert strips, Dilbert merchandise, The Dilbert List of the Day and Dogbert's New Ruling Class.
Welcome to the official LEGO World Wide Web
The Official LEGO Web


The Programmer's File Format Collection
Detailed file formats and data formats for programmers. A large collection of programming resources with detailed information. The place to share useful resources with other programmers.
Tom's Hardware Guide
Specs and explanations of all computer hardware


the OpenSSH project portable version upgrading issues page
OpenSSH Portable Release for Linux/Solaris/etc
the OpenSSH project portable version page
Cracks and CERT bulletins
FreeS/WAN Project: Home Page
A free protocol for virtual private networks. Highly recommended.
Info on the Replicated WWW Based PGP 5.0 Key Server System
Info on the Replicated Email Based Key Server System -
GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard
A free replacement for PGP
Description of how to integrate PGP into the Pine emailer
Nmap -- Stealth Port Scanner For Network Security Auditing, General Internet Exploration & Hacking
a really simple yet powerful port scanner
`What's Related?' Everything But Your Privacy
Yet another Netscape privacy bug (in 4.5)
Bugtraq mailing list archives
Cache-Cow Strikes!
Nasty little Javascript program for snatching Netscape caches
FILTER FRESH coffee exploit
How to hack a coffee machine Gateway
A plan for a common, radio-based internet
H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k
Writing Safe Setuid Programs
Several papers (PDFs)
The Hacker´s Choice
Info on securing and encrypting your system
Packet Storm Security
A really extensive security site with a gigantic archive of exploits


AntCam Time Machine - Live Web AntCam
Featuring the Black Carpenter Ants. The colony is live and close up. Images are updated every 60 seconds, and included is a web interface to previous images and Daily/Hourly MPEG's
Camera Lac Leman Webcam Lake of Geneva Lausanne from Preverenges (Switzerland)
The view about 15 minutes away from home
JenniCAM Guests
The Kat Kam
Uncle Zaphod's No-Frills List Of Cams
Videoserver / Videorecorder / Videoclient
Webcam for Sun
Welcome to AllCam, The Place to See and Be Seen on the Web!
Welcome to! The Place to See and Be Seen on the Web! Search thousands of live cams around the world; Add your Cam; COLLECT YOUR FAVORITES on your free CamCollections homepages. Thumbnail views make searching easy. CamTracker notifies you of new favorites. Search for other member pages. Keep your family, friends, coworkers, and favorite places and things in view at AllCam.


Sites concerned with providing visual maps of the Internet

Cyberspace geography visualization
NLANR -- National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
Manta Ray
DNS LOC: Geo-enabling the Domain Name System
VisualRoute Home Page
VisualRoute is a visual, fast, and integrated ping, whois, and traceroute program that automatically analyzes connectivity problems, displaying the results on a World map.
Internet Traffic Report
Internet Traffic Report reports on the current performance of major Internet routes around the world.


Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos
Walnut Creek archives. MS-DOS stuff
The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)
The Direct Connection
Connection FAQs and programs for W95 and NT machines. Null modem .INF can be found here!
Welcome to Microsoft's Homepage
The Source of the Plague of Mediocrity. Text version
Windows95 Annoyances (Unsupported Devices Under Windows95)
WinSite SuperSearch
The largest software archive for Windows shareware, screen savers, trialware, freeware, and demoware on the planet. Your source for games, screensavers, drivers, utilities, casino, cards, games, Windows 98, Windows NT and other tech programs


Charon's BBS List
Concepto - Fournisseur de Services Internet : home page
Deckpoint SA
Formulaire d'inscription Worldcom

Free Web Sites

FWPR - Free Webspace Providers
A good list of free web sites in tabular format
WEBalley - links - free webspace
A decent list of places where one can store web pages for free
Welcome to XOOM!
A free web site (USA)
A free web site (USA)
ProHosting Free Web Hosting
A free web site (USA)
A free web site (France)
bienvenue sur Mygale
A free web site (France)

Hébergement dynamique Nexen : PHP et MySQL
Nexen propose la meilleure offre d hebergement gratuit : 50 Mo de pages web, des emails illimites, l'acces au langage de script PHP, aux bases de donnees MySQL, avec tous les exemples et les manuels pour contruire un site dynamique et veritablement interactif
Horus Networks !!!
A Linux-based ISP, offered to host GULL
Index of Swissonline
This site is a...
Planet Communications
Leader internet romand, Planet Communications est le spécialiste des services internet pour les entreprises et les privés. Nos services entreprises (hébergements, serveur email, accès analogique, RNIS ou ligne louée,…) sont à la carte : ainsi vous ne payez que ce dont vous avez besoin. Vous trouverez un multitude de liens intéressants pour l'internet, les loisirs, MP3, la politique, la finance, le téléchargement, …
RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail
South Australia free e-mail
sunrise communications AG
A telephone and Internet provider
SUPERNEWS - Discussions Start Here - Contact Supernews
swisscenter - hébergement de sites web à tarif très avantageux - inexpensive web hosting
Linux-based web hosts in Switzerland
Switzerland - Internet access providers
the blue window
Blue Window - der Internet Provider der Swisscom
WebExpress Login
Welcome to the Home Page - Sign up Now! It's Free!
Get your faxes and voicemail through email with Sign up now for your personal number. It's free!
Worldcom - Home page


Beowulf on StrongARM boards for $2000
Add-on boards to make PCs into parallel machines.
Welcome to TerraServer
A distributed computer, used mostly for code cracking
Condor Project
Distributed computing system for heterogeneous clusters
Big Science
Chatterbot software (Klones) for personalized customer support
Recyclers of office equipment, but they don't sell anything
PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine
Software library to make many different computers to work in parallel
The Beowulf Project
Original (?) place of "commodity" parallel computers
The Stone SouperComputer - ORNL's First Beowulf-Style Parallel Computer
Pictures and description of a 100+ node recycled "commodity" supercomputer
Modified version of LINUX to make boxes run in parallel. Cool.
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Supercomputing and Parallel Computing:Projects


BOSS Mailing List
CASIO organizer interface info
IMSL Software, Casio BOSS, CASIF/Win
Shareware programs to up and download files from CASIO electronic agendas.
Larry's Casio Cables
Other casio organizer links
Makers of my crappy Casio link and software?


HP48 Buying Guide - HP48 Software Archive
The largest, best source on the Internet for software for and information about Hewlett Packard's HP49G, HP48, HP38G, and HP28 graphic calculators.


Links related to customising PC cases (painting, gadgets, whatever)

bootNet ... Letters To The Editor: Gimme A Can O Paint [98327939.html]
Computer Paint
Computers Divine Cases
DreamCase Wooden Computers
Dreamcase specializes in custom-built wooden PC cases
Gary's Encyclopedia - Computer Cases and Racks


Symphony Networking - Affordable cordless networking for your home and small office
Proxim's Symphony is the cordless and wireless networking solution for homes and small offices (SOHO).
Diamond Multimedia: Home Networking


3Com | Kostenlose Software
V.90 update for Sportster Flash modem coming in June (maybe)
A Conto oHG - Der Spezialist für geräuscharme PCs
German maker of computer silencing kits
Award Software International
Suppliers of my BIOS
Best Power Uninterruptible Power Systems
Best Power designs, manufactures, markets, and services power protection products for business and industry, from individual PCs to LANs, WANs, and global communications networks. We maintain sales and service offices across the globe, and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Mustek Europe Home Page
Scanners. European site. NOTE: serial numbers of scanners are different between Europe and US
Mustek Home Page
Scanners. American site
Parallel Technologies Home Page
Experts on parallel ports for PCs
Toshiba U.S.A.
Specs on my laptop
Ulead Systems Innovative Multimedia Solutions
Makers of my iPhotoPlus 4.0 software that didn't work.
Warp Nine Engineering - The IEEE 1284 Experts
Warp Nine Engineering web site for comprehensive information about standards-compliant, enhanced peripheral connectivity products and services for end users, VARs and OEMs.



Winston Smith
One of the most radical collage artists around. Hyper-cool.
Arts Wire: Online Communications for the Arts
A site listing events, galleries, and artists' resumés
Le Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève About Us History
Photo of Gregory Batardon here.
Good example of an arts CV site
Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève / Dance Links
Ballet-related links



All CDROM Titles at Walnut Creek
Simtel.Net - A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain Software - Windows 95/98, windows 3.x and MS-DOS
Book Catalogues List
Directory of /pub/etext/gutenberg
Directory of /pub/obi
Walnut Creek archives. Online Book Initiative
NAP Reading Room
The British Library
The On-line Books Page
Welcome to


AddALL book search and price comparison
A book price comparison engine.
The British site for Amazon
AMAZON.COM Featured Subjects-Fiction & Literature
BookBrowse: Read book excerpts from Best Sellers and other quality Fiction and Non-Fiction. bookbrowse,Bookbrowse,Book Browse
Bookstore with excerpts
Books For Linux
A compilation of books about Linux, mostly from Amazon
Books of the World
Unified database of bookstore catalogs (?)
Freihofer Buchhandlung
Swiss franchise of a German technical bookstore
Nouvelle page 1
Technical bookstore in Geneva (?)
Online Bookstore Price Compare or Search: enter ISBN and either compare prices at many online bookstores or retrieve that book from a specific bookstore.
A book price comparison engine.
PennWell Publishing Company Online Catalog
The McGraw-Hill Bookstore
McGraw-Hill Bookstore specializes in professional titles, including computer, business, scientific, architecture, engineering and technical books from all publishers. Order all McGraw-Hill publications online.
Welcome to BookServe
The best books on the net. Find discount books, cheap books, free books, hard to find books, and more.
Welcome To Hanser Gardner Bookstore
Hanser Gardner Bookstore offers Technical Books and Materials for Industry, Science, and Education. Search the bookstore for Books, Videos and Training Materials related to the Metalworking, Finishing and Plastics industries.


UBS - UBS Telebanking
UBS Telebanking
finance Section
Financial Services & Investment
Main menu for the Findat database website, operated by FinDatSys worldwide Ltd. Trading and investment information presented by topic and by country
Foreign Exchange


Brocom Consultants
Computer jobs in Switzerland
Mobile Channel Network - Delivering Emotion - Mobile Entertainment - WAP - Services and Software Products
MobileChannel.Network is a fast-growing company delivering original and unique content services to mobile phones and devices
NIHO Land & Cattle Co. Ltd.
BC recreational land specialists. Niho Land Company is the owner of numerous parcels of recreational and investment properties in British Columbia. Land for sale includes oceanfront, lakefront, riverfront, islands, ranches, large acreages, small recreational lots and timber properties. Great investment opportunities for buying real estate in rural areas.
Answer Linux questions for money
Smartdata is a provider of internet, network and computer vision-based technologies. Our goal is to design and market components for future ubiquitous computing world.

Search Results
A free database of over 8000 Swiss companies
Yahoo - Business and Economy:Markets and Investments:Currency Exchange


Programs and ad sites


looking for a place in Nyon

Immobilien Schweiz Immobilier Suisse: Sesame, die Nr. 1 Immobilien-Suchmaschine der Schweiz - Sesame, le moteur de recherche immobilière no 1 de Suisse
Housing classifieds in "La Cote"
Rytz | location | liste
Bienvenue sur Sesame - Willkommen bei Sesame - Welcome on Sesame
Free classified ads in Switzerland and Swiss-related info
GHI - Voir les offres immobilières
Geco Groupe
Bernard Nicod
Connectez vous à l'espace Bernard Nicod et découvrez un site différent, nouveau, et qui joint l'utile à l'agréable.

An online classified ads program.
An online classified ad site for the Lemanic area Classifieds - Nottinghamshire's (UK) Community Site
An online classified ads program/site.
Annonces - Suisse romande - www. ROMANDIE .com - petites annonces gratuites - Suisse romande - Romandie - Genève - Lausanne - Vaud - Valais - Fribourg - Neuchâtel - Jura - Jura bernois
Online ads and other stuff for the Swiss-French region
The Scripts Home: Classified Ads
Lots of online classified ads scripts.
Trading Post On-line
Australian online and paper classifieds
Online classifieds for the local newspapers


MARC: Mailing list ARChives at PCC
Steve's Digicams - Digital Camcorders & Video Capture
digital camcorders, digital video,
Video frame grabber
23 a Digital Video Recording and Data Formats
cr0bar's parody of the matrix, brought to you by efnet #nerds
All Models Digital Camcorders - Find product reviews at ShopNow Consumer Guide, a FREE Service
ShopNow Consumer Guide: We are an INDEPENDENT consumer comparison-shopping service helping you find and compare the lowest prices on thousands of products. Save time and money by checking our site before buying. Prices updated daily. We are not a store.
ShopNow Consumer Guide - Review For: JVC GR-DV3
Digital Cameras - Find best prices at ShopNow Consumer Guide, a FREE Service
Compare best Digital Cameras prices at the ShopNow Consumer Guide, a FREE consumer service. We are not a store. We are an independent consumer service helping you find and compare the best prices and product reviews on thousands of products. Digital Cameras prices and product reviews are updated daily. Also check consumer reports and ratings of stores before buying. Digital Camcorders
Hifi-News, autoradio, hifi, télévision, magasin, shopping, versand
Hifi-News, vente, autoradio, HiFi, Hi-Fi, hi-fi, TV, tv, Fernsehen, fernsehen, DVD, télévision, Sonceboz, Suisse.
dvgrab speichert Daten eines Digital Video Camcorders in eine AVI Datei
The very sad DV-IN story, panasonic dvin-enabling software by adaptive systems
Missing DV-IN on European Mini-DV cameras
The Linux 1394 project
GNU/Linux IEEE 1394 Development Project
Broadcast 2000
A DV (Digital Video) application for Linux


Bienvenue sur le serveur Linux de l'EPFL
The Linux support site at the EPFL (finally?)
CIGC - Centre Informatique du génie-civil
Erreur: la page demandée n'a pu être trouvée
EPFL Libraries
'École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL): bibliothèques et ressources documentaires. Serveur Web de la Bibliothèque centrale: page d'accueil.
Laboratoire d'Energétique Industrielle de l'EPFL
Erreur: la page demandée n'a pu être trouvée
Department where Claude Ramseyer works on the metal powder LSL and rapid proto-typing
Logiciels d'applications recommandés par le SIC
Mémento EPFL : Interface utilisateur
What's going on at the EPFL in any given period. Useful (for me).
Projects<br>Solar Power System
Serveur PCLine de l'EPFL
Service Informatique Central de l'EPFL
Support Silicon Graphics à l'EPFL


Salon | 21st: The 21st Challenge -- Ticklers for every situation
The original of the Haiku Error Message challenge.
Haiku Error Messages


Salon des Innventions de Geneve
Website of 1998 show. Not much except dates and contact info.
Association suisse IRO - INVENTION ROMANDE
Inventors' Society of French Switzerland. Should join someday...
IBM Patent Database
Full details of the last 20 years of US patents for free(!)
Innonet: Inventor Associations
List of inventors associations in Switzerland
Intellectual property
Promotion d'énergies renouvelables. 1997 : l'année des aides à l'énergie solaire
Press release of the Canton of Vaud detailing solar funding programs
USPTO Independent Inventor Resources
US Patent Office's clueless website
U.S. Patent Database Access
The official US patent database?

MAPS, localisez l'adresse et les services à proximité en France
Xerox PARC MapWeb Server
Switzerland - Home
Yoodle : The Search Index of Switzerland
DCW Layer Interface for Switzerland
Internet catalogue "Maps of Switzerland"
Maps @
GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools
The RYHINER-Project at the University Library of Berne
MapQuest! Welcome!
The MapQuest Web site helps Web users explore millions of towns and cities worldwide. Users can display addresses on a map, view nearby businesses, get driving directions, and plan a trip with Mobil Travel's rated lodging, restaurant, and city information.


G01CEE: Information
Index of /ftp/mirrors/mathematica/General/Systems/DOS/
Index of MathSource on the World Wide Web.
LiveGraphics3D Homepage
Cool Java-Mathematica applet to show Graphics3D objects
MathSource Home Page
NAG (Numerical Algorithm Group) Mark 16
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
NAG produce and distribute numerical, symbolic, statistical, visualisation and simulation software for the solution of problems in such areas as science, engineering, financial analysis and research.
Wolfram Research
Wolfram Research, Makers of Mathematica
Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica, the only fully integrated technical computing software


CDDB: The Net's Largest Database of Audio CD Title, Track and Song Information
Works with the XMCD program to provide song titles for CDs
beastie boys: hello nasty
Beastie Boys official (?) web site.
Frequence Banane Student's Radio
Frequence Banane is the students' radio of Lausanne Switzerland, We also represent IASTAR Switzerland
MP3s free, t connections, thousands of mp3s, free mp3 editing software, fast loading
Blues mp3s at
Blues and Swing mp3s, lyrics and more - The MP3 Page
Beat-Box.Com - Jazz
Directory of /e:/ftp/ftp/Download/mp3z/oldies/K - O


Blaine's Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) Page (AFM SFM MFM STM Nanotechnology)
Centre for Quantum Computation - Home Page
more nanotech
Chemistry & Industry Home Page
Science and Chemical News, Jobs, Conferences, Product Guide, Published by the Society of Chemical Industry
D. H. Robertson Research
DNA Computation
Engines of Creation - K. Eric Drexler : Table of Contents
Foresight Institute
Home Page of NanoTechnology Magazine
NanoTechnology Magazine is your window into the emerging technology whose awesome power mankind will acquire, for good or evil, very early in the next century. Everything will change radically...the industrial revolution was just a preview. Find out about the millions already spent by government and private labs on the atomic manipulation of matter. Follow monthly discoveries toward the evolution of the technology sure to dominate the 21st. century.
Index of /~abykov/
Laboratory for Molecular Robotics
Molecular building blocks
NanoCAD, a freeware nanotech design system in Java
Nanostructures, Nanophysics, Nanomaterials, XAFS with Nanostructures. Qi Zhang Home Page
NanoTechnology Development Corporation
Nanotech stock offering, beta version
Nanotechnology in Science Fiction Home Page
Open Qubit | Quantum Computing
An open nanotech effort
Pointers to other NanoTechnology related sites
Synthetic tips for the Atomic Force Microscope
The Dream Team - Nano SuperComputer
Thin Films: Past, Present, Future
Foresight Institute
A premier site for nanotechnology news


Anders Rossen
one of my Danish cousins
Andrew's Home Page
One of the guys who I was with in SFU physics
Capilano College Home Page
My first college


Other people named "Erik Rossen"

Kære Bølgeinteresseret
Rossen Virksomhedsrådgvining

Henry Lee (York/Toronto)
One of the guys who was in SFU physics with me
HRPAO Chapters: Southern Region
Possible link to Joanne MacLeod from Greece vacation
Some photos of the SFU battery lab
J. Dahn
One of my old bosses
Johann's Home Page
One of the guys I studied physics with when I was at SFU
Mike Freeman's Home Page
One of my physics teachers from Cap College
Patricia Wrean's Home Page
One of the girls who was in SFU physics with me
SmarttNet (Internet Service Provider) Home Page
Last known locate of Mahin


Conclusion: all presently-available cameras are crap.

(Low end) Digital Photography
Internet access for everyone. Bringing Internet access to the people.
Home of Greenspun
An excellent site for photographs and travel stories
Kodak DC20 Secrets (Part I) Digital Photography, Digital Cameras, News, Reviews and Comparisons
Includes an extensive comparison engine of digital cameras
The Sub Club
Information on sub-miniature photography

STORES - Switzerland's on-line grocery delivery service.
Le-Shop ist ein Online-Supermarkt und bietet vielbeschäftigten Leuten in der Schweiz die Möglichkeit, Ihre Lebensmitteleinkäufe vom PC aus zu erledigen. Le-Shop arbeitet mit der besten zur Zeit erhältlichen Websitetechnologie sowie einer kundenfreundlichen Benutzeroberfläche für einfaches und schnelles Einkaufen via Internet. Die Waren werden dank der Partnerschaft mit der Post in der ganzen Schweiz innert 24 Stunden ans Lieferziel geliefert. - Le Shop est un supermarché en ligne qui offre aux personnes affairées la possibilité de faire leurs achats depuis leur PC. Le-Shop travaille avec les meilleures technologies actuelles des sites Internet et propose un interface conviviale pour des achats plus simples et plus rapides sur Internet. Les marchandises sont livrées dans toute la Suisse en 24 heures à l'adresse indiquée grâce à notre partenaire La Poste. - Le-Shop is a home grocery replenishment service for busy people in Switzerland. It uses the best available website technology and a state of the art interface for easy and fast shopping via the Internet. It ensures national overnight door-to-door delivery thanks to its partnership with La Poste.
The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
Black and Decker
Welcome to Top D Computer Discount
CD Universe Main Frame
Shop online for music CDs, movies and games.
CheapBytes Home Page
Cheap place to get Linux distributions
silver disc online cd-katalog
Welcome to CityDisc
A local record chain, but no on-line sales
This one-stop online superstore offers an amazing selection of products - including electronics, computers, home and garden items, toys, sporting goods and more - with great low prices and exceptional customer service.
MSP Micro-System Products
A computer store in Lausanne
Global Shopping Experience Web Site
Shop til you drop
Ecola: Big Retailer Guide


Federal, cantonal, communal, taxes, etc.

Site Officiel de la Commune de Chavannes-près-Renens
Site officiel de la commune de Chavannes-pres-Renens
SCRIS - La charge fiscale (1), par canton et grande région de la Suisse, en 1998
Taxes in Switzerland, provided by the Service cantonal de recherche et d'information statistiques (SCRIS) of Vaud
Cybermaps: Elections et votations - MicroGIS Switzerland
Business Mapping, Geomarketing and GIS activities. MicroGIS provides the only accurate Swiss Zipcodes mapping product
Impôts - centimes additionnels 99
A table of the taxes in all of the communes of Genève
Finances communales
A table of communal taxes in the canton of Vaud
Commune de Rossens | Bienvenue
A commune in Switzerland with almost the same name as ME!


British Airways Global Internet Venue
British Airways', online timetables, online booking, Executive Club, frequent flyer information, holidays and vacations and much more.
Copenhagen Pictures
Información turística sobre Tenerife
Tourist information for the Canary Islands. Link provided by Ricardo.
MTCS: Copenhagen
Practical information before and during your stay in Copenhagen. You can navigate to a better stay in Copenhagen. The web contains information on entertainment, culture, restaurant, hotel, traffic, map, weather, news, currency, dictionary, language and tourist information for Copenhagen, Denmark.
Qantas Airways Limited
Qantas Airways, airline, travel, Australia
Travel with Bicycles - Oceania (Australia/NZ)
Travel with Bicycles - Touring Links
Welcome to Copenhagen NOW


The Kat Kam
a web camera in Vancouver
Government of British Columbia
Welcome to the Government of British Columbia Internet gateway. The Province of British Columbia maintains over 50 websites for its Legislative Assembly, government ministries, organizations and other agencies. This website is your starting point for finding the resource you want.
the Vancouver CommunityNet


Index of /data/comp
various near-real-time satellite images
METEOTEST: Wetterprognosen
Several types of weather maps of Europe and Switzerland
Sellers of satellite images
Weather Satelite
JPEG image 768x576 pixels
EarthWatch Communications, Inc. - Welcome
The first 3D weather web site giving you continuously updated satellite, radar, and forecasts. StormWatch severe weather watches, warnings & advisories updated every 10 minutes.
Image meteo
Das ETH-Dopplerradar
Home-Page des ETH-Dopplerradars
METEOSAT Weather Satellite Images from The University of Nottingham
Other climate research facilities worldwide
Météo sur la TSR
Météo sur la TSR
Lausanne SW Weather Forecast
Lausanne SW Weather Forecast


Lars' Yurt Page
The Yurt People
Minaki Yurt Adventures


NOTE: Don't bother trying to try any of the links in this section.

LARI - L'annuaire téléphonique suisse interactif
marseille - LARI - L'annuaire téléphonique suisse interactif


Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3 Documentation
Bash Reference Manual
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
Debian Developer's Reference - LOCAL
The GNU Privacy Handbook
Linux Programmers' Guide
Local copy of the HTML version
Linux System Administrators' Guide
Local copy of the HTML version
Linux Trace Toolkit
table of contents
SGML-Tools User's Guide
The DocBook Documentation
PGP User's Guide, Volume I: Essential Topics
Pine Technical Notes
The Network Administrators' Guide
Local copy of the HTML version
PostgreSQL Documentation (Index)
XFIG User Manual - Table of Contents

Erik Rossen's Homepage - LOCAL
local mirror of my web pages
ProLibre - Spécialiste des solutions libres - LOCAL
ProLibre - Spécialiste des solutions libres - CVS
GULL - Groupe des Utilisateurs LINUX du Léman - LOCAL
Homepage du GULL. Nous sommes le groupe des utilisateurs de Linux composé de gens de Genève, Lausanne, Vaud et Valais. We are a Linux users group composed of people from Geneva, Lausanne, Vaud and Valais.
GULL - La base de données - LOCAL
local mirror of GULL users' database
GULL - map of Linux users - LOCAL
Internet Junkbuster Proxy Status
quick access to Junkbuster proxy settings

Personal Toolbar Folder



Bookmarks yet to be sorted.

Debian Bug report logs - #37143
where the fuck is the Debian search engine?
SAS Institute to port SAS software to Linux
exciting news (if you are one of the few people who still uses SAS)
CONTENTS "OS/390 V2R5.0 MVS JCL Reference" via IBM BookManager BookServer
THE definitive online guide to JCL. Wheee! A language for masochists and accountants.
Hubat Inc. Front Page. The Automatic Directory Builder - pxtools
an applet to simulate 2-D ball-and-spring dynamics
Hôpital Zone de Morges
June was born in this hospital
Index of /~poinde_t/page3
Third Voice Inc.
Just when you thought you'd heard it all, Third Voice unveil a powerful new service that will dramatically revolutionize the way people communicate on the Internet.
A free web-page commenting suite (a bit like ThirdVoice)
IMRSS Home Page
a service that reports open mail relayers France
lots of eye-candy and SLOW content
Website META Language (WML), Documentation
MIT researchers create a perfect mirror
Détails sur un cours
Brown Orifice HTTPD
Apacompile - HOWTO compile your Apache Webserver ... (mod_ssl mod_perl mod_php mod_auth_ldap mod_auth_mysql
Apacompile - is a simple set of instructions and examples for compiling Apache, mod_ssl, mod_perl, mod_dav, mod_auth_ldap, mod_auth_mysqlm mod_dynvhost, mod_roaming, mod_jserv, and mod_php (including MySQL, Postgres, pdflib, and IMAP)
Apacompile - HOWTO compile your Apache Webserver ... (mod_ssl mod_perl mod_php mod_auth_ldap mod_auth_mysql
Apacompile - is a simple set of instructions and examples for compiling Apache, mod_ssl, mod_perl, mod_dav, mod_auth_ldap, mod_auth_mysqlm mod_dynvhost, mod_roaming, mod_jserv, and mod_php (including MySQL, Postgres, pdflib, and IMAP)
Directable Mirrors - A Better Way To Focus The Sun
MainConcept::Products::MainActor Linux
Liste des membres
Fiche personnelle
The Linux Emporium - Home page
Main page - Software Consulting and Development is an Information Technology Consulting and Software Development company specializing in designing online catalogs and web-enabled, terabyte-sized data warehouses.
Web Site Mapping Tool
Download open source, web-enabled, software applications and tools.
With LinkChecker you can check your HTML documents for broken links. Home Home
SourceXchange - Home
CollabNet, Facilitating Open Source Software Development
The Street Performer Protocol and Digital Copyrights
Street Performer Protocol, an electronic-commerce mechanism to facilitate the private financing of public works allows people to place donations in escrow, to be released to an author in the event that the promised work be put in the public domain.
PayPal lets you send money to anyone with email. PayPal is free for consumers and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and bank account. You can settle debts, borrow cash, divide bills or split expenses with friends all without going to an ATM or looking for your checkbook.
PC : - Beam Me Up Some Money, Scotty
PC World Magazine Subscriptions and Services
Usenet Oldnews Archive
HTML: The Definitive Guide -- Style Sheet Support and Errata - Web Building - Authoring & Site Design
Get the latest tips, tricks, reviews, and features to help you author and design your site--from usability to WAP to W3C standards.
CNET - Web Building - Authoring & Site Design - Get Started With Cascading Style Sheets
CNET helps you implement Cascading Style Sheets on your Web pages, from CSS Level 1 to CSS Level 2 positioning. (11/2/00)
Life in Hell
About the only comprehensive Life in Hell site out there. Hail to Matt Groening!
Life in Hell
About the only comprehensive Life in Hell site out there. Hail to Matt Groening!
MAPS lookup
Yellow Net: Zahlen mit dem Gelben Konto im Internet. Payments via the Internet
Welcome to CollabNet, Inc.
CollabNet, Facilitating Open Source Software Development
NanoTechnology Magazine Download
Kernel Cousin News
OCR Shop
OCR for Linux, US$99 for personal use. :-(
P A N - A Newsreader for GNOME
SQL-Ledger Accounting is coming soon! bug guide - Netscape 4: Part 2
A complete list of more than 200 bugs in Internet Explorer 3, plus a bug table, Netscape bugs, CSS and HTML guides and much much more bug guide - Internet Explorer 5/5.5
A complete list of more than 150 bugs in Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5, plus a bug table, Netscape bugs, CSS and HTML guides and much much more
Open Source Development With CVS
Open Source Development With CVS
Solar Thermal Electricity
Bienvenue sur le site de TRN SA
Jayz models
Uhhh, the main page, with links to all the other poop.
Index of /~bapstc
Build Your Linux Disk
muLinux Project Home Page
Script for Converting Hypermail archives to MHonArc archives
OpenBSD 2.8 errata
the OpenBSD CD errata page
debianHELP: Militantly FREE software help. -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
The entry page to, the biggest symbols dictionary on the Web. Find information on more than 2,500 western signs!
PHP Everywhere. PHP for Windows, Linux and Unix. ADODB for PHP: MySQL,PgSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Interbase,ODBC
PHP Everywhere: Articles, tutorials and free source code on PHP, with special emphasis on Microsoft Windows, ISAPI, COM, ODBC, databases, SQL, Apache, MySQL, installation procedures, GD and cross platform issues.
Directory of /pub/linux/www/mod_auth_pgsql
Apache Module Registry - Search Interface
Project Display
phpPgAdmin 2.1 on
[P]Reprints from Computing Sciences Research Center
WebDot Home Page
Caldera Systems, Inc - NetWare NDS: Contents
Caldera Systems NetWare Client for Linux documentation: NDS
Linux and 3Com 3c590/3c900 series "Vortex" Ethercards
Welcome to Rootshell | Hosted by
Apache 1.3 documentation
Apache 1.3 documentation
Guru's Lair: Patent avoidance library shelf directory
Guru's Lair: Patent avoidance library shelf directory
Guru's Lair: Patent avoidance library shelf directory
Barny Informatique
Barny Informatique SàRL est une société de services en logiciels de gestion, spécialisée dans les applications comptables des PME & PMI. Fondée en 1983 par André & Christine Barny, elle compte aujourd'hui 14 personnes très expérimentées.
Review of Operating Systems
Directory of /pub/Forth/Literature
Tempest for Eliza
The TUNES Project
NZDL: PreScript
Empowerment Zone -- helping individuals and communities achieve self actualization and full citizenship
Xpdf: A PDF viewer for X
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client
ForthCAD-3D Logiciel 3D 2D de Conception Assistée par Ordinateur
Meme(tm): Virtual Reality on the Internet
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
The Virtual Network Computing system from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge uses an open platform-independent protocol to allow remote interaction with a desktop. It's free!
Entrez dans le monde du FORTH - Enter in world of FORTH
Ce site contient la description d'un système informatique original basé sur l'utilisation du langage FORTH.This site contains the description of an original information system based on the use of the language FORTH.
Bernd Paysan
A Screenful of Forth
A Web-Server in Forth
A Web-Server in Forth
ILO Web Site Statistics:
A Standard for Robot Exclusion
The Color of Email, Description
NoMicmac : logiciel libre de gestion comptable
Linux Network Drivers
Linux and 3Com 3c590/3c900 series "Vortex" Ethercards
Toshiba ~ Technical Support Center: Download Model Index
The Upgrade Path | Project ClearPC
Full Impact
Intimacy and Emotions description
SAP DB Sources
Firewall VNC Client
Small Business Suite for Linux - IBM Software
Linux small business suite overview page: Enterprise capability at a small business price - The IBM Small Suite for Linux features market solutions from IBM and Lotus affordably priced for the cost conscious small business customer.
Slashdot | Microsoft Access As A Client For Free Databases?
SO-FAQ English Version
Introduction to Database Management Systems
SQL for Web Nerds
Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3 Documentation
X-10.ORG - X-10 Technology and Resource Forum
IntelliHome offers X-10 home automation products at the lowest prices in Europe allowing you to control lights, appliances, heating, security, audio/video, draperies, PC, the easy way!
DNA Lounge: Source Code: Diskless Linux Kiosks
UBS - e-banking classic -
With UBS e-banking classic you can carry out your banking business simply and conveniently over the Internet.
Low Cost Wireless Network How-To
Low Cost Wireless Network How-To
Ultimate Bulletin Board - Control Panel Frame
Forth Wiki - Philosophy
Punk is all my life
Cette page contient un échantillon des meilleurs morceaux des meilleurs groupes - The home for domains who don't play by the rules
Chuck Moore's colorForth, VLSI design tools and 25x Forth Multicomputer chip
ColorForth is a dialect of Forth that uses color as punctuation. It made possible a set of compact, powerful VLSI design tools. Which produced a small chip containing 25 computers. These use only 500 mW to provide 60,000 Mips.
OpenCA CryptoNews
Internet Security
The focus of Internet security is to ensure private, authenticated communications between parties over the Internet or Intranets.
Mixter Security - Download my c0de
Black Box Network Services
Black Box, Data Communication, Computer Connectivity, Ethernet, LAN, WAN, Cables, Connectors, Data Transmission, Interface Converters, Switches, Protocol Converters, Bridges, Routers, Modems, Hubs, UPSs, Power Protection, Surge Protectors, Frame Relay, Servers, ISDN, Line Drivers, Token Ring, 10BASE-T, Fast Ethernet, Media Converters, Category 5, Server Management, Remote Access, Fiberoptic, 56K, 100BASE-T, Networking, Twister, Line Drivers, T1, Multiserver, CAT5, V.34, RS-232, Black Box On-Line, KVM, Current Loop, Industrial Communications, KVM Switch, KMM Switch, ServSwitch, Serv Switch, Server Switch, PC Switch, Keyboard Monitor Mouse Switch, Racks, Cabinets, Patch Panels, Cable Management, Tools, Testers
Secure iXplorer - Windows Front End for PSCP
Secure iXplorer free software - A Windows SSH Copy
Index (comp.lang.forth.repository)
Apache Module Registry
integrit file verification system
tomsrtbt home page Forums - Forum Index
Help Net Security
Web Developers' Corner - Programming and Managment
ITCOM - Information Technology and Communications
List of ILO WebEditors - Web Developers' Corner - Programming and Managment
IDX-PKI Official Home Page
The DICT Development Group: Resources
FreeDict - for free bilingual dictionaries
The Spiers English-French Dictionary
FirstMark Communications France -> boucle locale radio: fournisseur d'accès: connexion internet: FirstMark: voix sur IP: hébergement: hosting: bande passante: xdsl: streaming: vpn
[svlug] max file size limit on intel


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