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misc: Directory
misc/index.html: Miscellaneous information of Erik Rossen
Erik Rossen's bookmarks, CV/resume, list of current projects, and other info that can be shared.
misc/cv_both.html: CV of Erik Rossen, English version CV d'Erik Rossen, version française
If you are looking for a sysadmin/programmer/engineer/physicist, call me. Si vous cherchez un informaticien/ingénieur/physicien, contactez-moi.
misc/cv_eng.html: CV of Erik Rossen, English version
If you are looking for a sysadmin/programmer/engineer/physicist, call me.
misc/cv_fra.html: CV d'Erik Rossen, version française
Si vous cherchez un informaticien/ingénieur/physicien, contactez-moi.

personal: Directory
personal/index.html: Erik Rossen's Personal Stuff
Personal web pages of Erik Rossen and his lovely wife, Christiane Bremer Rossen. Contains various essays on the meaning of life, and a bunch of links.
personal/bars.html: Bars in the region
Reminder of where to find the cheapest beer.
personal/internet-rant.html: The Information Superhighway
Next time someone tells you that they surfed on the Information Superhighway, don't forget to tell them about this page.
personal/jai.html: The Fukn Quadr0-P0under
Yet another rant that I decided to mirror. If God had wanted us to be vegetarians, he would have made animals out of brocoli.
personal/just-a-user.html: "I'm just a user."
That's a nice little user you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to him...
personal/nachos.html: La recette de nachos (tacos, salsa con carne, y queso)
Ma recette pour nachos, un repas de galettes de maiz, une sauce piquante de viande, et le fromage fondu.
personal/openness.html: Philosophy of Openness
An explanation for why I (sometimes) dare to be brutally frank in my personal web pages.
personal/oppressed.html: A Prayer for the Oppressed
Pay attention.
personal/scrapbook.html: My Scrapbook
The Web equivalent of a standard grade 2 project. Can I go home now, Mrs. Berto?
personal/stressed.html: A Prayer for the Stressed
Something to make the workplace more serene.
personal/struedel.html: Struedel aux Abricots du Valais
My recipe for apricot struedel with sugar glazing.
personal/thisismydog.html: This is my dog.
Just kidding. I hope that I never inflict anything THAT banal on someone who wasn't my worst enemy. By the way, this page is NOT about pictures of women having sex with dogs.
personal/whereiam.html: Address of Erik Rossen and Christiane Bremer Rossen
For those who wonder where I am, it is really quite simple. My full address is: Erik Rossen, Chemin de la Crétaux 9, CH-1196 Gland, Vaud, Switzerland, Europe, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.
personal/whoiam.html: Who I Am: Erik Rossen
Personal details and observations of the World by Erik Rossen

personal/australia: Directory
personal/australia/index.html: Across Australia on Bicycle
Christiane and I bicycled across Australia (Perth to Sydney) during three months from November 1997 to February 1998. Photos and journal entries.
personal/australia/imagelist.html: Images from our cross-Australia bicycle tour
A big list of thumbnailed photos.
personal/australia/onepage.html: Across Australia on Bicycle
Christiane and I bicycled across Australia. Our journal on one HUGE page.

personal/mosaics: Directory
personal/mosaics/index.html: The old mosaic project
How does one combine artsy-craftsiness, recycling, computers, robots, and solar energy? By assembling large, computer-generated mosaics of glass tiles made by melting recycled glass in a solar concentrator.

software: Directory
software/index.html: Erik Rossen's Software Collection
Software that I have written for automatically adding bookmark descriptions, translating JCL into Perl, simple electronic voting via email, and other tasks. This software is free.

software/migration: Directory
software/migration/index.html: The MVS to Unix migration HOWTO
A description of the steps needed to migrate JCL job scripts and SAS programs and databases from an IBM mainframe MVS system to a Unix system.

solar: Directory
solar/index.html: Heliostats and Solar Energy
A project to build miniature computer-guided mirrors (heliostats) for solar energy collection using extremely inexpensive construction methods and materials such as injection-molding plastic.
solar/anu.html: Visit to the people at the ANU who made the White Cliffs Solar Thermal Power Station
I visited the Australian National University to meet the people responsible for the White Cliffs Solar Thermal Power Station. Includes pictures of the Big Dish solar collector and the solar steam engine.
solar/deathray.html: Heliostats as death-rays
Photos of a possible use for heliostats. Something to scare tree-lovers. :-)
solar/euclides.html: Visit to the EUCLIDES project, a concentration photovoltaic power plant
I visited the EUCLIDES project, a concentration photovoltaic power plant while I was on vacation on Tenerife. This page contains photos and a brief description of what I saw.
solar/gears.html: The cost of small plastic gears
Some price lists of small plastic gears, useful for making heliostats, robots, or whatever. It was compiled from the catalogs of three different Swiss suppliers.
solar/hexdesign.html: Pictures of Hexagonal Mini-Heliostat Arrays
Preliminary pictures of the newer hexagonal design for mini-heliostat arrays. Shows what the support structure looks like and how the arrays can be arranged around a target tower. No gear trains are shown (yet).
solar/miniheliostatfaq.html: Mini-Heliostat FAQ
Frequently asked questions concerning the Rossen Mini-Heliostat Project, a plan for producing computer-controled mirrors for the collection of solar energy at very low cost.
solar/renderings.html: Pictures of Mini-Heliostats
Ray-traced renderings of arrays of heliostats surrounding a target tower. Gives an idea of what a system of mini-heliostats would look like to a passerby.
solar/schematics.html: Heliostats schematics
Detailed schematics of the mini-heliostat, including a 3-D demo.
solar/tables.html: Cost and specification tables
Tables of cost comparisons, gearing specifications, bills of materials, and business plans.
solar/wcengine.html: The White Cliffs Solar Steam Engine
Excerpts from a report entitled _The White Cliffs Project - Overview for the period 1979-89_ describing an actual solar steam engine.


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