Just kidding.

I have no dog.

It's hard to believe that you were interested enough to click on that link. You must have been really bored. The mind boggles.

Nevertheless, if you are really into that kind of thing, and not here just because a search engine happened to notice that this page repeats twice the phrase "pictures of women having sex with dogs", the following news should please you.

I just did a search (9:00 Monday, October 6, 2008) on Google for the phrase "this is my dog" and it said "Results 1 - 100 of about 579,000 for "this is my dog". (0.08 seconds)" Wow. Re-boggle.

Try it yourself and see.

Then email me and tell me how many you got. Then email all of your friends and ask them to try the above link and find out how many pages they get. Ask them to email all of their friends. Wheee! Enough fun to kill an afternoon at work for hundreds of millions of slaves people.


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