This information is no longer valid!

Our correct address is now:

Chemin de la Crétaux 9
CH-1196 Gland, Vaud

Where I am

For those who are wondering where on earth is:

Rue Centrale 26
CH-1022 Chavannes-près-Renens, Vaud

here is a graphical description of where we are located.

For those of you lucky enough to have access to a spy satellite or ballistic missiles, the co-ordinates of the center of Chavannes-près-Renens are:

46° 31' 48" North, 6° 33' 50" East, 398 metres above sea-level

Step-by-step directions

Our mailing address is as indicated above, but maybe you wonder where that is with respect to the rest of the world, how to get here, or just what this place looks like.

Hopefully these maps and photos will give you an idea. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view of an image.

Step 1: Find Switzerland

map of Europe Switzerland is located in the middle of Europe, yet it has declined to join the European Union. Why? Well, would YOU like to share your chocolate with yet another bureaucracy? JPEG 129k

Step 2: Admire the view

Switzerland from space My friend Pascal Goulpié found this image of Switzerland viewed from the space shuttle. The Lausanne region is indicated. JPEG 147k

Step 3: Find Lausanne

map of Europe We live near the city of Lausanne (capital of the canton of Vaud), on the north shore of Lac Leman. Never heard of it? Some people (incorrectly) call it the Lake of Geneva. It is the largest body of fresh water in Europe. JPEG 157k

Step 4: Find Renens

map of Europe Chavannes and Renens are suburbs of Lausanne with large Italian and Portugese populations. The World Cup was an extremely noisy event around here. JPEG 76k

Step 5: Find the train station

map of Europe We are lucky because our place is only five minutes' walk from the train station of Renens (south side of the tracks) and an automobile is completely unnecessary. That's a good thing, because there is hardly any parking space left nowadays. JPEG 138k

Step 6: Admire the view again

aerial view of Rue Centrale 26 There is a company in Switzerland called TwixTel that sells a telephone-number/road-map application (for MSWindows only, unfortunately, and very unstable on my W95 system). It includes aerial photographs of a number of Swiss towns. This is a view of our place. PNG 114k

Step 7: Find Rue Centrale 26

map of Europe Going south on Rue Centrale, you come to an quiet intersection and a building with a Japanese plum tree out front. That is number 26. Our apartment is on the first floor, on the corner, just behind the tree. JPEG 39k

Step 8: Find our apartment

map of Europe Congratulations: You found us! Champagne for everyone! JPEG 28k


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