Bars in the region

Here is our totally non-scientific survey of bars in the region. Our primary measure of interest is the price for a "small beer". A "small beer" is purposefully vague measure since it could be anything between 2dl and 5dl in size and as ritzy as a Lefe or as cheap as a Calanda. Ordering a "small beer" gives you an excuse to park yourself at a table for a couple of hours and watch people walk by.

These prices were registered in the latter half of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.


Kurhaus, 2dl, Valaisanne, CHF3.90

La Chotte, 3.3dl, Cardinal Spéciale, CHF4.50, in a can


2eme Acte, 2.5dl, Carlsberg, CHF4.50

Backstage Pub, 2.5dl Heineken, CHF4.30

Bull's Pub, 1/2 (imperial?) pint (2.84dl?), Calanda, CHF4.30

Chez Paolo, 2.5dl, CHF3.80

Hubiz, 2.5dl, 1664, CHF2.90


Barawine, 2.5dl, CHF5.00, slow with the beer nuts

Brasserie de Rive, 2.5dl, Hoegaarden blanche, CHF4.30

Buffet Gare Nyon, 2dl, CHF3.50

Cactus Jack, 2dl, CHF4.00, noisy with younger crowd

Café vaudois 2dl, CHF3.50, classic style

Fisherman Pub, 2.5dl, CHF4.50, too many TVs

Hostelerie du 16ieme siecle, 2dl, CHF3.80

La Croix Verte, 2dl, CHF3.70

La Nautique, 2dl, CHF3.10, nice chairs at the port

La Plage des Trois Jettées, 2dl, CHF3.00, nice view

La Puccia, 2.5dl, CHF3.80

L'avenue Bar/Lounge, 2.5dl, CHF4.20, quiet music

Le Grand Real, 2dl, CHF3.50, beer nuts

Les Brasseurs, 2.5dl, CHF4.10, more artisanal and more people

Mumbai, 2.5dl, CHF4.50, better chairs and a fountain

Pub da la Gare, 2.5dl, CHF4.30


A Mo' Caffé Bar Ristorante, 2dl, Cardinal, CHF3.90

Best of Café, 2.5dl, blond, CHF4.20, beer nuts

Brasserie cafe de la gare, 2.5dl, 1664, CHF4.20, pretzels offered

Caffé Ritazza Cornavin, 2dl, Calanda, CHF3.10

El Lamos, 3dl, CHF3.50, 2 tapas offered

Lady Godiva, 2.5dl, 1664, CHF5.20, plush

La Soupière, 2.5dl, 1664, CHF3.50, bottled beer because there was no draft left?

Le Baratin, 2dl, 1664, CHF3.20

Le Café du Rondpoint, 2.5dl, Feldschlossen, CHF4.00

L'elephant dans la cannette, 3dl, Calanda, CHF3.20

Les Brasseurs, 2.5dl, blonde, CHF4.20

Nonolet, 2.5dl, Beck's, CHF5.00, calm at 16h00

Volt bar, 3dl, HB weisse, CHF4.00


Grand Café, 2.5dl, Carlsberg, CHF3.90


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