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Content, content, and more content:

2015-11-24 Bars in the region Just to help my impaired memory
2009-12-12 "I'm just a user." Hey, me too!
2001-01-10 A Prayer for the Stressed or "Grant me the serenity..."
2001-01-10 A Prayer for the Oppressed or "The Lord is my shepherd..."
2000-12-29 The old mosaic project where artsy-craftsiness and engineering meet.
2000-12-28 My Scrapbook or "Treasures of the Human Race"
2000-05-02 Something for the vegetarians. Beware of carnivores.
2000-05-02 The Information Superhighway. Great fun for the whole family!
1999-10-05 This is my dog. Just to get things off to a flying start.
1999-10-03 Our bicycle trip across Australia. Want to see a dead kangaroo?
1999-08-26 Who I am or "Dude, what's with the psycho page-layout?"
1999-07-05 Struedel aux Abricots de Valais ("Cool!" - Pascal Bonvin)
1999-05-11 Nachos (tacos, salsa con carne y queso)
1998-07-13 Where I am - directions for finding us (or avoiding us)
1998-06-19 The Philosophy of Openness or "Why I am Not Crazy to Say That"

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